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Send us your pictures and participate in the exhibition / tribute that we are preparing here at Valenciaport

The Valencia Port Authority (APV) is preparing a great tribute as collective memory to show how the situation caused by COVID-19 has forced the society to readapt and acquire new habits
Anyone is invited to send its favourite photos to the following email: contravientoymarea@valenciaport.com

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5 Jun 2020

Aurelio Martínez: “Valenciaport is in the front line of investment against change and the climate emergency”

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5 Jun 2020

Valenciaport management team holds first working meeting with Carlos Arias, General Manager of APM Terminals Gateways Spain

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4 Jun 2020

MSC Sixin, the second largest container vessels in the world, now has its “Socarrat”

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Information about COVID - 19

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Photo exhibition "Contra viento y marea"