The PAV has been engaged in innovation projects since the inception of its Port Institute for Studies and Cooperation in 1992. Over the past few years, we have successfully completed over 200 projects in collaboration with various national and international innovation programmes. Consequently, Valenciaport has been at the vanguard of implementing significant changes that have enhanced our competitiveness. The Valenciaport Port Community System and the ECOPORT system are two examples of tools that have been developed because of these projects.

In line with this vision, the PAV is currently engaged in a range of projects, including the testing of hydrogen applications as a fuel for port operations and the measurement of ship emissions in port through intelligent image analysis.

Please find examples of some of these projects.

Including Everyone

Innovation must be promoted by the entire port community. In 2003, the PAV established the Valenciaport Foundation, which is governed by a board of trustees comprising leading figures from the port community and academic and social spheres. The Foundation’s objective is to facilitate applied research, innovation and training initiatives that benefit the cluster. Since its inception, the Foundation has been a driving force in Valenciaport’s pursuit of innovation and is currently spearheading the Port Community’s Innovation Plan.

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Working with Start-Ups

The challenges facing the port sector are too diverse for conventional partners to consistently provide effective solutions. We believe that opening the sector to new ideas from the innovative ecosystem will allow us to identify innovative solutions that may have already been applied in other sectors. Considering the this, we have collaborated with the Valenciaport Foundation to promote the OPENTOP initiative, an open innovation hub dedicated to the maritime port sector. OPENTOP has enabled us to develop innovative proposals in collaboration with cluster companies and the Port Authority. These proposals address the companies’ challenges through solutions provided by start-ups specialised in different fields.

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