Ports are no longer just isolated cargo drop-off points, but have grown into traffic concentration points where the essential transfer of cargo from sea to land has brought with it an increasing number of value-added services and activities. This situation has obliged Port Authorities to attain positions in which they act as key players in the transport chain, guaranteeing a free flow of goods as quickly and efficiently as possible via the promotion of intermodal transport systems.

Together with these strategies for optimum turnover of cargo through the port, the Port Authority of Valencia has fostered the development of logistics activities zones (ZAL) to increase competitiveness even further.

The implementation of logistics activities zones in ports is the result of new requirements for handling and distributing maritime cargo from and to the port hinterland. Through VALENCIA PLATAFORMA INTERMODAL Y LOGISTICA, S.A. (VPI Logística) the Port Authority of Valencia promotes, manages and operates:​​

Port of Valencia ZAL

This ZAL adjacent to the port precinct has an area of 68 hectares and is the zone for maritime cargo logistics, particularly containerised cargo.

The Port of Valencia ZAL complements the full range of services of the Port of Valencia, ensuring continuity in the logistics chain and adapting its offer in terms of space and services to specific customer needs.

VPI Logística, which first started marketing the Port of Valencia ZAL in 2011, has a total surface area of 135,080 m2 addressed to catering for the needs of specialised companies in shipping logistics.