Spanish Legislative Royal Decree 2/2011 of 5 September under wich the revised text of the Spanish Law on State-Owned Ports and the Merchant Navy was passed, published in the State Gazette BOE No. 253 of 20 October 2011, contains the regulatory framework of application to charges and tariffs established by Port Authorities in Spain.

Port charges are demanded for the private or special use of the public port domain and for the provision of maritime signalling services, and port tariffs for the provision of port services or for the provision of commercial services.

Port services are provided by private initiative, governed by the principle of free competition, with the exceptions as set forth in the regulations mentioned above, whereas commercial services, which are those that do not have the character of port services per se, but are closely related to port activities, may be provided by private initiative and in the event of possible deficiencies on the part of private initiative, by Port Authorities themselves, in which case, in compensation for said services, port tariffs shall be made, which shall have the character of private pricing.

Here below is a list of the various port charges and tariffs currently applied by the Port Authority of Valencia:

NOTE: The regulations transcribed on this website, in each of the foregoing sections, are summaries of the totality of information published in the Royal Legislative Decree 2/2011 of 5 September.