The Port of Valencia is directly linked to national and international road and rail networks.

By road

The Port of Valencia is connected to the national road network via the V-30 (bypass around the city of Valencia).

The V-30 links up directly to the A-7 motorway, which in turn is directly connected to the other road links in the port’s hinterland:

  • The V-21 trunk road to the north (Valencia-Sagunto).
  • The V-31 trunk road to the south (Valencia-Silla).
  • The north-south corridor which includes the A-38 (Valencia-Cartagena) and the A-7 (Barcelona-Algeciras) motorways.
  • The East-West corridor centred on the A-3 toll-free motorway (Madrid-Valencia) which connects to the A-43 motorway to Lisbon, on the stretch near Atalaya.
  • The section of the A-7 motorway near Sagunto links up to the A-23 (Sagunto-Somport) toll-free motorway which connects the region with Aragon, Castile-Leon and the rest of the north of Spain. The A-7 near Xativa also links up to the A-35, which accesses the south of Castile La Mancha.

By rail

The railway connections from Valencia ensure access to any manufacturing area on the Iberian Peninsula and Europe.

The rail links from the Port of Valencia are as follows:

  • Valencia – Barcelona – Port Bou
  • Valencia – Zaragoza – Basque Country
  • Valencia – Cuenca – Madrid
  • Valencia – Albacete – Madrid. rom Madrid, there are links to Extremadura and Portugal, as well as the north and northwest areas of Spain.
  • Valencia – La Encina – Alicante, which provides connections to other destinations from Alcazar de San Juan (Andalusia), Alicante (Murcia), Madrid (north and northeast Spain, Extremadura).