Ports 4.0’s objective is to actively promote and incorporate innovation

To support the development of innovative products and services that address the challenges of the Spanish Port System, the Public Body Puertos de Estado launched the Ports 4.0 (or Ports 4.0) Fund in 2020. The Fund’s objective is to actively promote and incorporate disruptive or incremental innovation as an element of competitiveness, efficiency, sustainability, safety and security in the Spanish public and private port-logistics sector. This will facilitate its transition towards the 4.0 economy. The fund provides two key elements for innovators: the funding needed to overcome the challenges associated with the “valley of death,” which all great ideas must navigate before becoming economically viable, and the opportunity to test the technology and its innovation in a real-world setting.

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The PAV has been a staunch supporter of this initiative from its inception, committing itself to providing companies and entrepreneurs with a testing ground (or sandbox) in which to test their prototypes or proofs of concept. Should you wish to benefit from the support of the PAV for current and future Ports 4.0 calls, please complete this form.