The Spanish State Ports Authority has published a new call for applications for subsidies within the Driving Entrepreneurship Plan for Innovation in the Port Sector (PORTS 4.0) under the headings of Ideas and Commercial Projects.


The purpose of the Ports 4.0 Fund is none other but to carry out research and development actions and programmes of special interest and whose fundamental objective is to drive entrepreneurship for innovation within the port sector, where efficiency and sustainability are key ingredients for increasing competitiveness.

Through this initiative, here at the Port Authority of Valencia, we endeavour to promote innovative services in the port sector, with the focus always on the factors that determine the long-term success of a port:

  1. Logistical efficiency in the infrastructure, operations and service provision areas.
  2. Environmental sustainability and energy
  3. Security and protection
  4. Digitalisation of processes and smart platforms
  5. Any innovative product that brings a significant impact on the port sector


Public or private, Spanish or foreign natural persons and legal entities who have full capacity to work or execute the eligible ideas and projects may benefit from these grants.

Here at the Port Authority of Valencia, we encourage all entrepreneurs, companies and individuals who have an innovative idea or project and who would like our support or our active facilitation, to contact us using the following form: Want to received support for your proposal as part of the Ports 4.0 project? (

The information received through the form will allow us to help potential applicants to focus their project and ultimately receive support from the PAV.


The allocation to the financing of Ideas and Commercial Projects within the framework of this call for applications, is €6,750,000. This sum is distributed as follows:

IDEAS: €750,000

A fixed, non-variable sum of €15,000 is awarded to each project presented under this heading.



Ideas: 29 February 2024

Commercial Projects: 29 March 2024

If you’re interested, here at PAV we want to encourage you to participate, and we’d like to remind you that we’re here to advise you and answer any questions you might have. You can contact us by email at

For more detailed information, please find below the links to the conditions of the call for applications as published in the Official State Gazette:

Announcement 39158 of BOE No. 310 of 2023  

And on the Ports 4.0 website

Ports 40 – Ports 4.0 lanza una nueva convocatoria de Ideas y Proyectos Comerciales con 6,75 millones de euros