The Port Authority of Valencia and the City Council of Sagunto sign the agreement for the rehabilitation of the dock.

It is expected that in 2022 the first phase of the works, which covers around 800 meters in length, will be operational.

The PAV is committed to providing 6 million euros for the provision of this singular space to the citizens of Sagunto.

Sagunto, March 27, 2019.- The president of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), Aurelio Martínez, and the mayor of Sagunto, Francesc Fernández, today signed the agreement for the rehabilitation of the dock of the port of Sagunto. The agreement, which has been signed after the holding of the PAV Board of Directors in the town, is a decisive step forward for the provision of this space of around 1,200 m2 in the Saguntine port area.

The feasibility study for the rehabilitation of this space has estimated in 9 million euros the investments planned to undertake the necessary works to enable the jetty for citizen use. Through the agreement signed today, the PAV is committed to assume 6 million euros while the remaining investment will be provided by the municipality of the town. In order to accelerate the works, the PAV plans to divide the project into two phases, a first in which they will be rehabilitated between 700 and 800 meters in length, and the rest (around 400 meters) in a second phase.

After the ratification of the text of the agreement by the Treasury, the Port Authority of Valencia will prepare the construction project and tender the first phase of the works. It is expected that this first phase will be operational in 2022.

The president of the PAV, Aurelio Martinez, has shown his satisfaction for the signing of this agreement highlighting that “one of the aspects that I can most proud of is the good relationship we have managed to maintain in the PAV with the town councils of the cities in which we have presence. In the case of Sagunto, in addition, this relationship has been very fruitful because both the PAV and the city council have shared and aligned our objectives, both in commercial aspects and port-city integration”.

Aurelio Martínez also recalled that “the PAV is paying absolute priority attention to the port of Sagunto because we are convinced that the future of Valenciaport necessarily involves the promotion of this port area”. In this sense, the president of the PaV has recalled some significant figures on the evolution of the enclave. “In 1993, the turnover of the port of Sagunto represented 6.3% of the total of the PAV, while in 2018 that figure rises to 14%. With respect to investments, in 1993, 5.5% of the investments of the PAV went to the port of Sagunto, while last year, 18%. This figure shows our strategic commitment to the port of Sagunto”.

Martinez has also highlighted some traffic data from the port of Sagunto. “At the end of 2018, in the area of containerized general cargo, the port of Sagunto, by itself, is the sixth site of the Spanish port system, and in car traffic it rises to the fifth position. In fact, Anfac has been calling the port for several years as the best in Spain for this type of traffic, despite not having rail access. A deficiency, the one of the rail access, in which we are working and that we hope that it can be tendered during this year”.