• A dozen representatives of the Ministry of Investment of the Republic of Indonesia are interested in the operation of the Valencian precinct

València, 18 October 2023.- A governmental delegation from the Republic of Indonesia has visited the Port of València. The delegation was led by the Secretary of the Ministry of Investment, Ikmal Lukman; the Deputy Minister of Investment Climate Development, Iwan Suryana; and the Director of Investment Deregulation, Dendy Apriandi; the three were accompanied by other institutional representatives of the Indonesian Ministry of Investment and its promotion centre in London.

Francesc Sánchez, Director General of the Port Authority of València (PAV), welcomed them and explained the value proposition of Valenciaport, as well as the operation of the facilities of its three ports: Valencia, Gandia and Sagunto.

In recent years, Valenciaport has repeatedly received institutional delegations from Indonesia – the country of 17,500 islands – interested in the operations of the Valencian port and also in the visit to the lighthouse of the Port of València. This infrastructure has been characterised by the fact that it has been self-sufficient since it was set up, a fact which has aroused the curiosity of the Asians.

In addition, Francesca Antonelli, head of Marketing and Cruises at Valenciaport, explained the projects being developed by Valenciaport in terms of sustainability, digitalisation and new infrastructures and accompanied them on a tour of several strategic points of the facilities of the Valencian port area.

The Asian delegation showed special interest in the actions being carried out by Valenciaport in terms of connectivity for both goods and passengers. In this sense, the Valenciaport docks worked last year with 24 Indonesian ports, Jakarta being the first in the ranking with 111,831 tonnes handled, followed by Surabaya with 65,249 tonnes and Belawan with 42,741 tonnes.

In 2022, trade relations between Valenciaport and the Republic of Indonesia amounted to 312,092 tonnes of goods, 36% of which were destined for import, 14% for export and the rest for transhipment. The main products destined for the Indonesian country are paper and pulp, followed by chemical products, feed and fodder. In 2023, Valenciaport was visited by various institutional representatives from European, African and Latin American countries to get to know the infrastructures and services of the leading Spanish port in the Mediterranean. A hub port where goods and containers are managed with more than 1000 countries all over the world and which is carrying out strategic actions in the fight against climate change and digitalisation.