• The Equality Commission of the Port Authority of València (APV) celebrates International Women’s Day with a visit to the exhibition ‘Equality and Co-responsibility’ that hosts the unique Clock Building
  • During the visit, the role of women in logistics was highlighted and the recently created Association of Women in Logistics and Transport (MELYT) was presented

València, 8 March 2024.- Valenciaport pays tribute to Women with a new exhibition at the Clock Building. The exhibition ‘Equality and Co-responsibility’, organized by the Permanent Commission for Equality of the Port Authority of València (in which the social part and different departments of the PAV are represented), can be visited until Sunday, March 10th from 11.00 to 18.30 hours.

With this exhibition, the Permanent Commission of Equality of the PAV intends to awaken a critical thinking about the role of women in society. Through it, the shared family responsibility and the promotion of professional conciliation through tools such as flexible working hours are claimed.

On the occasion of the commemoration of Women’s Day, all the members of the Standing Committee on Equality have visited the exhibition. A tour in which was also present the Maritime Captain of València: Elena Delgado. Together with them, the president of the PAV, Mar Chao, has claimed more prominence for women in the logistics sector, the defense of fair and equitable working conditions in the sector, as well as measures of conciliation, flexibility or professional growth, among other tools, to build and facilitate a real equality.

The visit also included an explanation of the objective of the recently created Association of Women in Logistics and Transport (MELYT), a group chaired by Chao. This initiative arises as a national forum aimed at promoting the active participation of women in the field of Logistics and Transport, regardless of their job function or responsibility.

Formed by a diverse representation of professional women with a global vision, MELYT seeks to be a meeting point that provides support and references to inspire women involved in this activity. In addition, the association aims to contribute to gender diversity in the industry.