• The Port Authority of València (PAV) announces a photographic contest in tribute to one of the three historical moments collected in the exhibition ‘Abraçades en el Port’: the return of thousands of Valencian emigrants between 1961 and 1972 to enjoy the Fallas festivities
  • This exhibition, can be visited until March 24 in the surroundings of the Clock Building, consists of a collection of images of farewells and reunions of Valencian families in various periods that marked the twentieth century

València, 9 March 2024.- Coinciding with the arrival of the Fallas 2024, the Port Authority of València (PAV) convenes a photography contest open to citizens, through social networks, in order to pay tribute to one of the three historical moments that collects the exhibition ‘Abraçades en el Port’: the return of thousands of Valencian emigrants who between 1961 and 1972 embarked on the known as ‘Falleros Ships’ to return for a few days to València and enjoy the Fallas festivities.

This exhibition, which can be visited until March 24 in the surroundings of the Clock Building, offers the public a photographic collection of farewells and reunions that marked the history of València in the twentieth century. Some images full of emotion and feeling for a land and its customs that, now, Valenciaport wants to bring to the present inviting citizens to fill the social networks of photographs in these Fallas and pay tribute to these Valencian families.

Those interested in participating must upload to their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Threads profile a picture hugging one or more people, either in any act fallero, mascletá or including any identifying element of the Fallas. The photograph must be accompanied by the hashtag #AbraçadesFalleres, as well as a mention of Valenciaport’s profile in the corresponding social network. The contest will end next Wednesday, March 20, 2024, and the five winners decided by the jury will be awarded with an ergonomic backpack with USB and a 10,000 mah power bank.

The complete rules of the contest can be consulted at this link: https://www.valenciaport.com/wp-content/uploads/Bases-concurso-AbracadesFalleres-2024-3.pdf

Historic hugs

The exhibition allows us to learn about personal stories through historical photographs of three unique moments. The first of these, entitled ‘From València to the Dominican Republic’, shows snapshots of a story of farewells, that of more than 5,000 Valencian farmers – sometimes entire families – who migrated to the Dominican Republic in the hope of a more prosperous life.  On 15 May 1955, thousands of farm workers with their wives and children left the Valencian docks loaded with dreams for a life that promised to be better in the Dominican Republic.

The mission of these Valencians was to collaborate in the rural repopulation and agricultural development of this country. In exchange for their work, they were promised housing, land and the necessary resources to begin their work.  Once there, the reality became clear: unhealthy housing, isolated from each other and in the middle of an unspoilt natural environment with poor communications, conditions that had nothing to do with the promises made. They soon set off on their return, deeply disappointed.

The second of these is the ‘Return of the ‘Children of Russia’: In 1956, the ship Crimea arrived at the Port of Valencia with more than 500 repatriated Spaniards on board. The return of children exiled in Russia during the Spanish Civil War took place almost twenty years after their departure. They took the longest time to return to Spain because World War II caught them in a very hot zone of the conflict. During that year, 500 of the so-called “Children of Russia” arrived at the Port of València, now adults.

And the third one, ‘Falleros ships’: Between 1961 and 1972 thousands of Valencian emigrants in Latin America travelled to València to enjoy the Fallas in the so-called “Barcos Falleros”. In this period up to twelve “Falleros ships” arrived at the Port of València with Valencian emigrants (to Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil) and their descendants living in Latin America to visit València during the Fallas festivities. The photographs show the arrival of several of these ships that filled the Port of València with the excitement and joy of a crowd celebrating the reunion, united by one of the most representative cultural manifestations of the Valencian Community: Las Fallas.