• Joan Calabuig, president of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), has participated in the commemorative acts of the Valencian Transport Day and has shown his support to some professionals “who are essential for things to reach every home” 

València, 11 July de 2023.- Joan Calabuig, president of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), has shown his support for transport professionals, an essential sector for society and economic activity, on the day that transport workers celebrate the feast of their patron saint: Saint Christopher.

Calabuig took part in the commemoration events and highlighted the “fundamental” work carried out by the sector and its professionals “who are an essential tool for things to reach all homes”. The president of Valenciaport held a meeting with the president of the Valencian Federation of Transport Entrepreneurs (FVET), Carlos Prades, in which he highlighted the essential work of the hauliers who move 261 million tonnes of goods a year in the Valencia Region alone.

During the day, the hauliers made the traditional procession of vehicles through emblematic points of the city such as the City Hall or the headquarters of the Local Police with a final stop at the Tinglados of València Port, where a recreational meeting took place between the hauliers and their families.