The “ValenciaportPCS” technology platform brings together more than 800 companies from the port community and guarantees the work of the Valencian logistics chain and the supply to more than 55% of the Spanish GDP.

In 2019, over 70 million telematic operations messages were channeled among companies in the Valencia’s Port Community.

The implementation of digital solutions in logistics and transport companies make the sector a guarantee of goods supply in times of crisis as the present one.

Valencia, 18th March 2020.- The Valencian port community is working normally thanks to the technological platform of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), ValenciaportPCS. According to PAV data, over 300,000 daily transactions will be carried out through the ValenciapoortPCS technological platform this first week of port management by teleworking. This computer platform brings together the exchanges among more than 800 companies such as shipping agents, freight forwarders, shippers, land transporters, railway operators, terminals and container depots. In the first semester of 2019 alone, more than 35.5 million messages were channeled through this platform, which means over 70 million paperless operations in the past year; 5 million more messages than in the previous year.

Among the operators working through this “port’s digital brain” there are registered 92 shipping agencies, 352 freight forwarders, 38 loading companies, 406 road transport companies, 10 railway companies, 25 terminal operators and 38 container depots; in addition to the services of the administration and the Port Authority.

Nowadays, it is the best tool to meet the needs of the logistics chain, regardless of the operator, the means of transport, the sea, the port, the company or the country in which any transaction of interest to the logistics chain is produced. Valenciaport and the digitization of the logistics chain is currently a guarantee for the supply of goods – from the port of Valencia – for more than half of the Spanish population.

In fact, the hinterland of Valenciaport meets the supply needs where over 55% of Spanish GDP is produced, which coincides in a geographical area where 60% of what Spain imports or exports from the rest of the world is generated.

ValenciaportPCS is a competitiveness tool that allows the secure exchange of information between the public and private agents that form the port community. This platform offers more than 20 transactional and informational services, automating port and logistics processes through a single data transfer and connecting transport and logistics chains. This tool created by the PAV enables greater efficiency in transactions, optimization of resources, automation of processes and time and cost savings, as well as reduction of errors.

In 2019 the Valencian port community managed, through ValenciaportPCS, the loading and unloading operations of vessels with over 5.4 million TEUs and more than 700,000 automobiles, 2 million container movements from ports to land carriers, around 160,000 container train operations and more than 10,000 port calls authorizations in the three ports (Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia).

Servicies of ValenciaportPCS 

The ValenciaportPCS platform offers different services for sea and land transport, port operations, container weight verification services (VGM), customs and merchandise tracking, etc. Specifically, in the case of maritime transport, the platform offers a single source of information on the departures and arrivals to and from the ports of Valenciaport of the main shipping companies in the world, the reservation of space for containers for freight forwarding companies and shippers, and the possibility of carrying out shipping instructions automatically. In the case of land transport, ValenciaportPCS allows the agents involved to generate and manage transport orders, as well as the necessary acceptance and delivery services to carry out the aforementioned transport to and from the port facilities managed by Valenciaport, and the confirmation delivery and admission of the container in the terminals and/or container depots.

Regarding port operations, ValenciaportPCS allows processing requests for authorization of port calls and docking of vessels before the PAV and Maritime Captaincy, processing requests for authorization of dangerous goods, as well as sending lists of loading and unloading of vessels to container terminals.

Likewise, the platform allows other services such as notification, reception and consultation of the Verified Gross Weight, processing cargo manifests and summary tax returns for unloading before the PAV and the tax agency, and merchandise tracking.