The PAV has received 85,500 face masks from the consignment coordinated by Puertos del Estado for all Spanish port authorities.

Valenciaport also plans to start shortly the distribution of 300 plastic face shields (PFPs) for those services that are in contact with the greatest number of people.

València, April 14th, 2020.- The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has today started the distribution of protective face masks among the nautical services personnel of its port facilities. Specifically, the PAV has received 85,500 units from the consignment of protective material that Puertos del Estado has coordinated with all the Spanish port authorities. The distribution of these face masks is being carried out according to the needs with the aim of reaching the stevedores, pilots, tugs, port police and PAV personnel who, since the beginning of the State of Alarm, have been developing their activity to be able to guarantee supply to the Valencian and Spanish supply chain. 

Likewise, the PAV also plans to start shortly the distribution of up to 300 plastic face shields (PFPs) that will be provided to those services that, due to their work, must be in permanent contact with a greater number of people.

Health guidelines

In addition, Valenciaport has also disseminated in its three port facilities (Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia) the guidelines for good practices in work centers drawn up by the Ministry of Health to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These guidelines include measures to be taken before going to the workplace, avoiding attending if any symptoms of the disease are shown, as well as travel measures, including using a private vehicle or respecting the 2-meter safety distance on public transport.

The guidelines of the health authorities also include measures to guarantee the interpersonal distance of approximately 2 meters at the entrance and exit, in common areas and, in general, at the workplace itself. The guidelines are supplemented by measures for employees, for cleaning workplaces and for waste management.