In 2019, the barrier collected 1.9 tons of waste from the city’s storm drains

The APV carries out daily monitoring of the waters of the old riverbed

The Port Authority of Valencia has already prepared the latest generation anti-pollution barrier installed at the end of the old bed of the River Turia to collect floating waste from the stretch between the Oceanogràfic and the Astilleros bridge where several of the city’s rainwater collectors converge.

This infrastructure prevents the floating waste from reaching the Port or the beaches adjacent to the port area, such as Pinedo or El Saler. The APV carries out daily monitoring and surveillance of these waters to proceed with their periodic collection. The waste is stored in specific containers to be treated through an authorized waste management company. Last year, the port of Valencia removed 1.9 million tons of impurities from the rainwater collectors thanks to this equipment.

The anti-pollution barrier is part of the water pollution monitoring plan developed by the APV’s Environment Department. Among the objectives of this plan is to carry out proper monitoring and surveillance of water, with particular sensitivity to the nearest population centres.

The Port Authority of Valencia maintains a periodic control and analysis of the quality of the port waters or the quality of the air in the control stations of the APV to consolidate itself at the forefront of environmental sustainability. In this line, work is being done on projects such as Green C Ports, led by the Valenciaport Foundation, which is going to install a network of environmental and meteorological sensors, the pilot development of a port environmental performance platform and the modelling of artificial intelligence algorithms to inform port users and clients and citizens about the main environmental parameters derived from port activities. Besides, innovative solutions to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, reduce noise levels, forecast crane productivity, and measure emissions in real-time will be tested in the ports of Venice, Piraeus, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven and Valencia.