Models, videos and images to explain the history and life aboard a submarine

The exhibition “More than 100 years of the Submarine Weapon” will remain open from today until 14th June in the Clock Building of the Port of Valencia

There is a simulation of a sonar that allows the visitor to see how they work and the sounds heard by the operators

It is organised by the Subdelegación de Defensa with the collaboration of the Naval Command of Valencia and Castellón, the Port Authority of Valencia and the Navy’s Submarine Flotilla

The Clock Building consolidates its free cultural offer at the service of the city

València, June 9th, 2021.- Visitors to the Clock Building in the Port of Valencia these days will be able to discover the history of the submarine in Spain and learn about life on board this icon of the seas. From the world’s first submarine in 1988 created by Isaac Peral to the present day, the exhibition “More than 100 years of the Submarine Weapon” will take visitors on a journey through the evolution of this submersible vessel. The exhibition consists of a series of panels and pictures explaining the history of the submarine in our country, a display of models showing the evolution of the materials and types of boats and videos explaining life on board.

Visitors will also be able to interact with a sonar simulator to learn how it works and hear the sounds and noises heard by a sonar operator. There is also a more artistic part where 6 paintings are exhibited with the theme of the Spanish submarine, by the Murcian painter Jaime González Aledo, a multifaceted painter, who has painted the Spanish Navy as one of the main themes of his extensive work.

The exhibition, which is completely free of charge, opened this Wednesday and will remain open until the 14th of the same month. It is open from Monday to Friday from 11.00 to 18.00 hours and on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 19.00 hours. This exhibition is organised by the Naval Command of Valencia and Castellón, with the collaboration of the Subdelegation of Defence in Valencia, the Port Authority of Valencia and the Navy’s Submarine Flotilla, which have provided the funds for the exhibition.

Among the materials that visitors will find, they will be able to see models of the Spanish Navy’s G7 submarine models operational until the 1970s, the S60 and S70 classes. In addition, explanatory videos tell the story of life on board a submarine, the manoeuvres they carry out, how they work and the history of these icons of the sea.

A cultural centre at the service of València

In recent years, the Clock Building has been developing a wide range of exhibitions that have mainly dealt with themes related to port activity and have attracted a large number of visitors. Thus, at the beginning of the year it hosted an exhibition-homage to Peridis, which was visited by nearly 7,000 people who got to know the graphic humour of the multifaceted illustrator through more than 80 cartoons representative of his extensive work. In addition, the “Casal del Port” paid tribute to two other leading figures of graphic humour in Spain: Forges and Ortifus, which were enjoyed by 12,000 and 10,500 visitors, respectively.

Recently, the Clock Building hosted the exhibition “Imágenes Imborrables” on the Valencian society’s view of Covid-19 and created thanks to the photographs sent in by the public, which was visited in person and virtually by more than 7,000 people. An example of commitment among the citizens who live closely the port reality of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia; who sent for that event more than 2,000 photographs taken by the neighbours of the municipalities related to the Valencian ports.

During this time, the exhibitions “Plànols, Maquetes i Mestres d’Aixà del Port de València”, “La Dàrsena Històrica del Port de València: Progrés i Modernitat” or “Això és TEU – 5.000.000” have also been organised, as well as the already mentioned “Ortifus al mar-íntim” and “El Puerto de Forges”.