Valenciaport opens the homage exhibition Unforgettable Images, a view of Valencian society on the Covid-19

The exhibition will remain in the Clock Building until 12 October

The exhibition brings together 200 photographs taken by the public on the challenge posed by the Coronavirus, selected by a professional jury

Á Punt Mèdia participates with a visual space of videos with testimonies that have been recorded by the teams of the Valencian public television

The PAV once again positions the Clock Building as a cultural reference point at the service of the city of Valencia

València, August 16th, 2020.- Unforgettable Images is an exhibition-homage promoted by Valenciaport and carried out by Valencian society to show a particular vision of the citizens on the situation of the Coronavirus pandemic. 200 physical photographs, more than 1,900 of which will be projected on screens and are present in a large mosaic, and an audiovisual space with testimonies recorded by the teams of À Punt Mèdia. Each one of these images tells a personal experience in which we all recognize ourselves. Through this exhibition we can evoke emotions, thoughts and uncertainties that we have shared in the face of the unusual situations caused by the Covid-19, an exceptional and extraordinary moment in our history.

The Clock Building has hosted the inauguration of this exhibition, which is free and open until October 12, and contains images of the day-to-day life of Valencian society during the Coronavirus pandemic with a real vision of situations derived from confinement, the work of health and emergency professionals, de-escalation and teleworking, among others. The exhibition is intended to pay tribute to the efforts of the entire population to overcome the challenge caused by the coronavirus and is presided over by a large panel made up of the 1,900 photos received by the APV. All the security measures agreed by the health authorities have been taken to visit it to guarantee the presence of all interested citizens.

The president of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), Aurelio Martínez, the general director of the PAV, Francesc Sánchez, the president of the Valencian Media Corporation (CVMC), Enrique Soriano, the general director of À Punt Mèdia, Alfred Costa, and the curator of the exhibition, Ester Medán. The delegation visited the exhibition to see the images and testimonies of the people during the Covid-19 and they coincided in highlighting the capacity of the Valencian society to overcome the challenges and face the adversity and exceptionality to continue advancing as individuals and as a society.

Aurelio Martínez thanked the citizens who are the “true protagonists” of this exhibition for their collaboration, in which testimonies of people are collected through photographs that reflect their feelings and experiences during this period. The President of the APV emphasised that the ports are much more than traffic and ships, they are also centres of experience and culture. “In Valenciaport we are working along these lines, placing the clock building as a cultural reference centre for the city of Valencia”. For his part, Alfred Costa stated that “the images of the Valencian public television about this pandemic are the audiovisual heritage of all of us and an example to make a collective reflection of this moment”.

An example of Valencian society

The PAV launched this initiative at the beginning of May, encouraging Valencian society to send photographs of situations that reflect the daily life of the pandemic. Between May and July, more than 1,900 images were received, 200 of which were selected by a jury made up of photography professionals José Aleixandre, José Penalba, Alba García, Antonio Alcaraz, José Poveda and Tania Castro for the exhibition in the Clock Building. In addition to the physical exhibition, Valenciaport has set up a selection of more than 800 photographs in a prominent place on its website.

Also, an audiovisual room has been set up, with capacity for 21 people and a cleaning system after each session, where a video made by À Punt Mèdia is shown with images of the Region during this period and the testimonies of professionals and citizens about the Coronavirus. A video that serves to reflect on the seriousness of the historical moment during the most complicated months of the pandemic and put us on alert to continue fighting the disease and following the protocols set by the authorities.

The Clock Building, a place close to the citizen

Over the last few years, the Port Authority of Valencia has wanted to recover the role that the Clock Building had long ago as a cultural centre in order to bring the citizens closer to this emblematic place of the port and the city. To this end, it has been developing a wide range of coordinated exhibition work, designed and developed by the PAV, which has mainly dealt with themes related to port activity and which has been attended by a notable number of people, and has deepened the relationship between port and city.

In fact, in the exhibition Unforgettable Images, the vast majority of the images received by the PAV come from the city of Valencia and the region of Horta.