Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia Assembly approved the budget for 2021.

In the last campaign for the start of the school year, almost 500 children have been helped with clothing, footwear, school materials and anti-VOC products.

Aportem-Puerto Solidario València has increased its activity due to the current Covid-19 pandemic which has generated a multiplication of the needs detected in the area around the Port of València. In these circumstances, the port community has turned to this association which brings together individuals, managers, companies, associations and institutions linked to the Port of València, to respond to the needs of the most vulnerable groups in its immediate surroundings. Thus, at the last Board of Directors and General Assembly of Aportem, a budget of 43 000 euros was approved for 2021. This amount is achieved through annual membership fees, in addition to extra contributions from companies, workers and associations in the sector.

The intense activity carried out by Aportem means that this investment will obtain ample results among the community closest to the port area. Every euro spent by the Association is converted into school material, food, anti-VID material, clothing, footwear, etc. Both the management and logistics are carried out, in a totally altruistic manner, by Aportem’s partners, who thus achieve, through the direct delivery of the materials requested by the schools and institutions, maximum use of this budget. Despite the fact that the crisis is hitting a large number of companies in the sector, there has been an increase in generosity, spurred on precisely by the bad times that many families in the area are experiencing.

Aportem is working with hundreds of families in the Valencian Maritime District, in one way or another, giving priority to aid channelled through schools, to help combat school absenteeism and thus promote better training for children in the area. According to what was said at the Aportem Assembly, in the last campaign for the start of the school year alone, almost 500 children have been helped with clothing, footwear, school materials and anti-COVID-19 products.

A different Christmas campaign

The various meetings of Aportem’s Action Committee, the last one held on 19 November, have noted that the area’s applications are increasingly prioritising essential items. The requests for food, hygiene products and anti-VID-19 material have been added to the traditional campaign to deliver toys to children, which on this occasion will be done without the direct distribution carried out each year by the Three Kings and their pages. The request for warm clothes and blankets for the children has also attracted attention. The tendency to give classes in ventilated spaces has increased the need for these products.

Economic contributions

 The Aportem-Puerto Solidario València Association has decided to cancel its Christmas campaign to collect clothes and toys this year. The pandemic makes it advisable to avoid all kinds of actions that involve direct contact between people. Given that the number of families in need of help is increasing with the crisis, Aportem has decided to focus its Christmas campaign on collecting economic contributions with which to maintain its intense Corporate Social Responsibility work, which is now more necessary than ever.

Those interested in collaborating with Aportem by making a financial contribution can do so through the Aportem current account at Caixa Popular, ES73 3159 0072 8125 1822 7620.

Solidarity Christmas Lottery

For the second year running, Aportem-Puerto Solidario València has reserved a lottery number for the special Christmas draw. The objective of this campaign is threefold: to maintain the visibility of the solidarity of Aportem in these special times, to collect some funds, as 1% of those purchased of this number will be given to Aportem, and to share luck and enthusiasm with the whole port family.

This year’s Aportem number is 44,153. It can be acquired, without any extra charge, from lottery administration number 2, la Brujita Generosa, at 173 Avenida del Puerto in València. Telephone 963311970.