During the training on the use of the APP, ideas for implementing new functionalities and incidents detected when using this tool were gathered

València, March 7th, 2023.- The Container Traffic Working Group of the Port of Valencia Guarantee Mark held a working meeting to analyse issues related to container land operations in the Port of Valencia, such as the state of the works on the inner roads in the port area or the training given to the drivers of the ValenciaportPCS App.

The Infrastructure area of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) explained to the port community the current state of execution of the road works and their repercussions on the circulation of road traffic in the port area. At the meeting, the solutions that have been adopted for the layout of the provisional detours of the roads were discussed, as well as the time horizon for the commissioning of the next scheduled phases of these works.

Another of the issues addressed in the Working Group was the detection of incidents in the Transport Orders and the training campaign to disseminate the use of the ValenciaportPCS APP among the drivers involved in container transport in the Port of Valencia. During the training on the use of the APP, ideas were gathered for implementing new functionalities as well as incidents detected when using this tool, such as errors related to the scale of the vessel, incorrect number plates, failure to include the seal number, problems with barcode readings, inability to view images of the land accesses to the terminals, etc.

In this sense, the complementary actions being worked on to progressively reduce the number of lorries rejected at terminal gates due to documentary causes were explained. Likewise, proposals for improvement were put forward and mention was made of the forthcoming developments to be undertaken in the ValenciaportPCS platform.

It should be remembered that the PAV held a training course for lorry drivers on the ValenciaportPCS mobile application, a tool to facilitate the day-to-day activity of the hauliers who carry out their work in the Port of Valencia.

At the meeting, the draft calendar was also shared, which is drawn up annually by the Guarantee Mark based on the information on public holidays and days with special timetables of the different groups and public bodies of the port community. With regard to the period of the Fallas, it was reported that, this year, Friday 17 March has been declared a public holiday for the inspection bodies, so no goods will be inspected at the Border Control Post (BCP), with the rest of the port facilities remaining operational. On the other hand, the three days in April that could require an extraordinary opening of the container terminals (specifically 6, 17 and 24 April) were called for a specific meeting to be held later on.

On the other hand, the situation of land operations at the Port of Valencia facilities was also reported, highlighting the fact that the current international trade scenario related to container traffic is leading to a lower level of activity in road transport linked to port activity.