• The València Port Authority (PAV) authorises the CONSORCIO VALÈNCIA 2007 EN LIQUIDACIÓN to occupy the public domain spaces referring to the nautical-sports facilities in order to continue providing services to the boats in the Marina, until the new concession title is granted

València, 28 December 2023.- The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of València (PAV) has adopted this morning two agreements that will allow nautical users of La Marina to develop their activities normally and with legal certainty, pending the conclusion of the liquidation process in which the “Consorcio València 2007 En Liquidación” is currently involved.

The first of the aforementioned agreements was on the agenda as “Maintenance of the authorisation of the CONSORCIO VALÈNCIA 2007 IN LIQUIDATION (Code AV474) to occupy the public domain spaces relating to the nautical-sports facilities”. The approval of this point allows the continuity of the current title to ensure that the Consortium València 2007 (CV07) can continue to provide services to boats in the nautical-sports facilities of the Marina, until the granting of the new concessionary title resulting from the tender whose specifications were approved by the Council on 5 December.

The second of the agreements adopted at today’s meeting of the PAV Council refers to the “Conventional modification of the contract for the supply of electrical energy to the facilities of the Port Authority of València”. This is an extension of the PAV’s current electricity supply contract which includes the incorporation of new supply points previously included in the scope of management of the “Consorcio”. A purely operational modification that guarantees the continuity in the provision of basic services in La Marina.

The PAV Board meeting was held telematically.