The Central Administrative Court for Contractual Appeals (TACRC) has rejected the appeal lodged against the award of the ZAL corrective works by the City Council of Valencia

For the third time, the courts have rejected one of Per L’Horta’s appeals against the ZAL of the Port of Valencia

València, April 29th, 2021.- The Central Administrative Tribunal for Contractual Appeals (TACRC) has not admitted the appeal lodged by the Per L’Horta Association against the agreement of the Governing Board of the València City Council of 30 April 2020 – a year ago now – which granted the licence to the project of corrective measures for the municipal reception of the Logistics Activities Zone (ZAL) of the Port of València presented by Valencia Plataforma Intermodal y Logística SA.

This is the third time that the Court of Justice has rejected any of the appeals that this Association has lodged against the works of the ZAL of the Port of Valencia.  Previously, the High Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) twice denied Per l’Horta’s appeals for the precautionary suspension of the ZAL. In addition, the Governing Board of the City Council of Valencia also rejected an appeal that sought to paralyse this plan for the adaptation of the ZAL environment presented by this Association.

On this occasion, the TACRC has not admitted the Association’s appeal against the agreement of the Governing Board of the Valencia City Council, which was later ratified by the plenary session, which gave the green light to the start of the ZAL refurbishment works. These works consist of repairing the damage caused by the non-use of the facilities of the ZAL of the Port of Valencia, and are necessary for the reception of the action by the València City Council. The repair works (corrective measures) were put out to tender by SEPES in June 2020 for 5,323,665.22€ (VAT included) and were awarded in November of the same year for 3,288,428.01€ (VAT included) and for an execution period of 10 months to the joint venture formed by ELIT (PAVASAL group) and Áreas Infraestructuras.

The works, which will contribute to economic recovery and the creation of employment and wealth, would already be underway if the award had not been appealed before the TACRC. With this resolution, SEPES can now activate the contract with the awarded company to start the works. Specifically, the project envisages the repair and improvement of the sanitation, pavements, landscaping, irrigation and lighting of the ZAL.

More than 1,500 jobs

In this regard, it should be noted that VPI Logística has awarded four plots of land in the ZAL to the companies Grupo Raminatrans, QA Pimba, MSC and Medlog Iberia, firms which submitted bids and applied for the right to develop their business projects in the logistics platform facilities. Together, these companies plan to invest 73.4 million euros, which will allow the creation of 1,518 jobs (188 direct and 1,330 indirect). In addition, these firms are committed to hiring the long-term unemployed and people at risk of social exclusion. In all cases, the business projects have a strong ecological component, either through the installation of complex energy saving systems and photovoltaic plants or through the commitment not to contract electricity supply from fossil fuels.