The Port Authority of Valencia (APV) promotes innovation in the areas of efficiency, safety and the environment to make Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia a benchmark for the development of the innovation ecosystem. Examples of this work include the OPENTOP initiative, an innovation hub through the Valenciaport Foundation (an entity created to promote R&D&I); the EIT Climate Kic, (of Superlab Ports), the first innovation centre in the fight against climate change in the European maritime port sector and participation in Ports 4.0.

In addition, the APV is committed to an Internal Innovation and Intra-entrepreneurship Programme aimed at its staff. All of this is in line with the lines of the Strategic Framework of State Ports, in relation to “Innovative Ports”, whose general management objectives are: Systematic impetus to innovation, Co-creating port organisations and Innovation at the service of blue growth.

“Behind digitalisation”, as detailed in the Strategic Framework of State Ports, “there is undoubtedly a lot of innovation, but this is not only focused on the processes of digital transformation. It must be latent in all the fields of activity in which the port operates. When referring to innovation, the intention is to take into consideration everything from basic research to the most advanced creative or regenerative contribution, including traditional technological development of a more industrial nature (R&D&I). It is interesting to emphasise two readings for this criterion of action: incremental and disruptive innovation. The modernisation of the ports does not always have to be based on sudden and isolated radical or disruptive renovations, but also on progressive or superimposed advances, achieved through day-to-day practice. Of course, this is not incompatible with a transformative leap that implies a profound advance. Be that as it may, in the present Strategic Framework, innovation is considered a necessary condition to ensure the future of the ports, insofar as without it, it will not be possible to successfully implement any of the other criteria for action that are being presented here”.

A statement of principles endorsed by Valenciaport and in line with the Oslo Manual, which defines innovation as the introduction of a new or significantly improved product (good or service) or process, or the introduction of a new marketing or organisational method applied to business practices, work organisation or external relations.