Peridis’ graphic humour, in the Clock Building

The exhibition that the port is dedicating this year to the comedian Peridis can be visited free of charge from 18 December to 31 January in the emblematic Clock Building of the Port of Valencia, between 11.00 and 18.00 hours.

The sketcher uses his creations as a vehicle for the transmission and diffusion of cultural, environmental and social values along the lines promulgated by the Port Authority of Valencia.

In addition, there will be a tour to discover the facet of Peridis as an architect, disseminator of culture and social entrepreneur.

This sample is in addition to the previous ones carried out by the PAV on Ortifus and Forges.

Graphic humour, architecture, writing, cultural dissemination and social entrepreneurship are the characteristics that define the universe of José María Pérez, Peridis, the protagonist of the next exhibition in the Clock Building in the Port of Valencia which will be inaugurated on 18th December. The exhibition will showcase the graphic humour of Peridis as a vehicle for transmitting and disseminating the cultural, environmental and social values of this leading figure in the world of cartoons with over 40 years of professional experience. These are some of the signs of identity promulgated by the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) and which are collected in the different exhibitions that are being held in the Clock Building.

The exhibition, which is free and open to the public, will remain until 31 January and can be visited between 11am and 6pm. Over 80 vignettes and illustrations, most of which have been published in the newspaper El País, where he has been a contributor since the newspaper’s inception in 1976, will trace the cartoonist’s career from its beginnings in the 1960s to the present day.

In addition, the exhibition includes images of his projects as an architect, drawings of buildings that are representative of our cultural heritage in which he has collaborated as a restorer and disseminator. A look at the work of a committed and multifaceted person that is explained in the audiovisuals that accompany the exhibition that show the creative process of his drawings, what his project of Employment and Social Entrepreneurship Launchers consists of or his work as a cultural promoter.

The exhibition is divided into three sections that follow the itinerary of Peridis as a Graphic Humorist, Architect and Social Entrepreneur, and Cultural Disseminator. The exhibition is organised by the PAV in collaboration with the Quevedo Institute of the Arts of Humour of the Foundation of the University of Alcalá.

Graphic humour, a bet for the end of the year

The Peridis exhibition thus closes this 2020 and welcomes 2021, with a new commitment by renowned graphic humorists who have illustrated the Clock Building. This is the third consecutive year that the PAV has organised an exhibition related to graphic humour, an initiative that is enriching our way of looking at the world and Valenciaport’s perspective on issues that are part of its daily life such as the environment, social commitment or the transmission of culture and historical heritage.

In previous editions, the facilities of the Port of Valencia have had two other geniuses of humour with the exhibitions of Ortifus and Forges which received 10,500 and 12,000 visits respectively.

The Clock Building, the “Casal del Port”

In recent years, the PAV has recovered the role that the Clock Building had long ago as a cultural centre; as “Casal del Port”, to bring the citizens closer to this emblematic place of the port and the city. To this end, it has been developing a wide range of exhibition work, carried out by Valenciaport technicians, which has mainly included themes related to port activity and which has been attended by a notable number of people.

Thus, the exhibition “Unforgettable Images”, held last October, on the view of Valencian society of the Covid-19 and carried out thanks to the photographs sent in by the citizens, received a physical and virtual visit from more than 7,000 people.

During this time, the Clock Building has also hosted the exhibitions “Plànols, Maquetes i Mestres d’Aixà del Port de València”, “La Dàrsena Històrica del Port de València: Progrés i Modernitat” or “Això és TEU – 5.000.000”, in addition to the already mentioned “Ortifus al mar-íntim” and “El Puerto de Forges”.