More than 500 people express their commitments to the SDGs in the exhibition at the Port of València

The exhibition “Un món a bon port” at the Clock Building comes to an end on Thursday 21 October. It includes panels and explanatory videos on the SDGs

The Port of València explains in this exhibition its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in Agenda 2030

València, October 19th, 2021.- “Water is our greatest resource, I am committed to looking after it”. “In my bag for the unexpected, more fruit and less plastic”. “There is no planet B, let’s protect it”. If you could send a message to improve the planet… what would it be? The above are some of the messages written by visitors to the exhibition “Un món a bon port. Navegant amb els ODS”.

This exhibition shows, through an interactive format, the projects being carried out by the Port of Valencia and its community to contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) approved by the United Nations. These goals are necessary for citizens to become aware of social problems, seek a solution to them and thus achieve prosperity for all.

The exhibition has already been visited by more than 2,000 people of all ages and 500 of them have left messages of sustainable commitment on the wall set up for this purpose. Thus, this panel, which has become the great success of the exhibition, has an explanation of each SDG and has been completed with a collage of wishes for a better future in different languages. People who want to leave their proposal or wish can do so until Thursday, when the exhibition ends.

This initiative seeks to generate small changes in the daily routine of each person. These range from reducing plastic consumption to improving their diet and aim to improve both their quality of life and that of their environment. Furthermore, this proposal requires the commitment of the entire population, since actions that may seem insignificant if only one person carries them out can bring about great changes in humanity if they are carried out together. In other words, if one person recycles, the effects will not be felt as much as if the whole population does it, as they will be much greater and more beneficial.

Those interested will be able to visit the exhibition free of charge from 11.00 to 19.00 until Thursday 21 October. Once there, the curious will be able to take a tour through different panels divided into SDG blocks, with images and data, as well as the contribution made at the Port of València. Both the texts and the audiovisual materials are adapted to Braille and sign language and can also be downloaded via QR code to listen to them on the phone.  In addition, there is a section for children with activities to learn about the SDGs and port activity. Therefore it is an inclusive exhibition which takes into account the special needs of the majority of groups.

The port community with the 17 SDGs

In the first block “Leave No One Behind”, the issues related to End Poverty (1), Zero Hunger (2), Health and Well-being, Quality Education (4) and Gender Equality (5) are explained. In addition, the initiative Aportem-Puerto Solidario, an association in which more than 30 organisations from the port community collaborate, and which helps the most vulnerable people in the neighbourhoods close to the Port to improve their living conditions, is also analysed.

In the second section “The planet in our hands”, the aims of the Port of Valencia are dealt with in relation to Clean Water and Sanitation (6), Responsible Production and Consumption (12), Climate Action (13), Underwater Life (14) and, Life of Terrestrial Ecosystems (15). At the same time, campaigns such as No Plàstic to eliminate one million plastic bottles from the port and to highlight the damage caused to the environment by the consumption of this material are explained.

On the other hand, the third block called “Prospering with Nature” focuses on Affordable and Non-Polluting Energy (7), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructures (9), Reduction of Inequalities (10) and Sustainable Cities and Communities. To this end, the Port of Valencia has created the Valenciaport initiative in which it is committed to creating employment and wealth for its area of influence.

Finally, the themes of Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (16) and Partnerships to Achieve the Goals (17) are dealt with. The aim is to commit to a transparent, inclusive and supportive working model in which Valenciaport becomes the perfect ally of institutions and companies to achieve economic, social and sustainable development.