Joan Calabuig: “We hope that the processing of the new terminal will be concluded as soon as possible”

  • Joan Calabuig, president of Valenciaport, stated after the meeting of the Board of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) held today that “with all the procedures underway, we are waiting for the date of approval of the construction project for the North Terminal dock”
  • The mayoress of Valencia, María José Catalá, also spoke about this project, stating that the main challenge for Valenciaport is to unblock the process: “competitiveness at the moment means not giving up on an extension that has already been completed and only needs to be finished”

València, 30th June 2023.- The president of the València Port Authority (PAV), Joan Calabuig, stated this morning after the meeting of the Valenciaport Board of Directors that work is being done to ensure that the Spanish Government approves the construction process for the North Terminal quay and that “our hope and our desire is that the process for the new terminal is completed as soon as possible”.

The mayoress of the city of Valencia, María José Catalá, who attended the meeting as a guest as her appointment is still pending, expressed herself along the same lines as she left the Council. Catalá stated that “competitiveness at the moment means not giving up on an enlargement that has already been made and only needs to be completed. It is at a standstill in the Council of Ministers and has been held up for political reasons, and the tender should now be put out to tender. The project has the appropriate corrective measures for environmental impact, and this is what the technicians from the Ministry and Puertos del Estado have said”.

For the mayoress, at the moment, “the important thing is to unblock the tender and move forward with this essential project and not lose competitiveness. If we don’t, other competing ports will gain on us. This port cannot give up its leading position in the transport of goods in the Mediterranean”.