Businessmen and public representatives celebrate the historical milestone of the 5 million TEU of Valenciaport

It is possible to visit the exposition in the Clock building until the next Monday 10 of December from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

 Since the arrival of the first crane to the port of Valencia, more than 74 million containers have been handled at is Quays

Valencia, 4th December of 2018, – The port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has inaugurated today the exposition “Això és TEU- 5.000.000”, a sample that is intended to pay tribute to the port community of Valencia, the protagonist of having achieved the historic milestone of overcoming the five million containers managed in 12 months. The act counted with the presence of Ximo Puig, president of the Valencian government, Ornella Chacón, president of ports of the state, Jan Carlos Fulgencio, government delegate in the Valencian Community, Sandra Gómez, deputy mayor of the city council of Valencia and Aurelio Martínez, president of the Port Authority of Valencia.

The act also allowed to bring together all the presidents of the history of the port of Valencia, what has been snapshot qualified as historic for the Valencian site. The exhibition, which is located in the Clock Building of the Port of Valencia, will be open until next Monday 10 of December from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

During the inauguration, the president of the PAV emphasizes “reaching the five million TEUs in a year is a great new that we wanted to share with the true author of this achievement, the Valencian port community. This number is a milestone for the Spanish port system, we are the first port in Spain and in the Mediterranean to achieve it. And all this has been the result of the work of all the people who work every day in the logistic chain and also of all of those who gone before us”.

Aurelio Martínez also recalled that “without doubt, the container has marked the recent history of the port of Valencia. That box that Malcom McLean devised in 1956 meant the path to leadership for our port. A leadership that came from the hand of two fundamental people in the history of Valenciaport, José Luis Vilar, director of the then-called ‘Board of works of the port’, and Perfecto Palacio, the first entrepreneur to bet on Valencia for the container traffic”. As a sign of the recognition of this pioneering work, the president of the Port Authority of Valencia has given a ‘Socarrat’ to Perfecto Palacio.

Aurelio Martínez has indicated that “since the first crane was launched in the port of Valencia until now, 44.169.164 TEU have been channeled. Within 6 years, by the time the new terminal in the northern extension is functioning, the valencian quays will have handled 100 million TE. For this, we must continue working to maintain the leadership of the port of Valencia”

For her part, Ornella Chacón, president of ports of the state has pointed out that “the history of the port of Valencia is a success story. The bet that made at the time for the container has continued throughout its career, adapting to the changing needs of the logistics sector”. Likewise, Chacón recalled that “the ports aren’t isolated points, they must be connected by land and rail with the rest of the territory. For this reason, the creation of the Port Accessibility Financial Fund is important, to which the Spanish Port authorities will contribute 630 million euros and Adif will complete up to 1.000 million euros”. In this context, the president of Ports of the state highlighted “The commitment of the PAV for the Valencia-Zaragoza railway line and for the northern access to the port of Valencia”

At the end, Ximo Puig, president of the Valencian Government pointed “the milestone of the 5 million containers is a success of all those who have participated in this challenge. The port is not an end in itself but is a vector axis of the economy and an important generator of jobs in our community. In fact, 2 of every 100 jobs in the Valencian community depend on the activity developed by Valenciaport. Therefore, what is good for the Valencian port community is good for the entire region”. Also, Ximo Puig recalled that “the PAV has been fundamental in the claim for the inclusion of the railway corridors Sagunto-Teruel-Zaragoza and Valencia-Madrid in the network of priority infrastructures of the European Union”

Això és TEU- 5.000.000 

Under the title “Això és TEU” the exhibition gathers the most outstanding landmarks in the history of the port of Valencia that have contributed to reach the milestone of the 5 million containers. Trough panels, the exhibition reviews the history of the three ports that conform Valenciaport, highlighting as a turning point the evolution experienced since 1970, when the first containers arrived at the port of Valencia. Sincethen, the port of Valencia has specialized in this type of traffic, becoming the first port in Spain and the Mediterranean, the fifth in Europe and the 29th in the world.

The exhibition also reflects the important economic impact that Valenciaport has on the Valencian community. Specifically, the sample provides the main data appeared in the last Economic Impact Study of Valenicaport, among which stand out the almost 39.000 jobs generated by the port activity.

In addition to a children’s area and a multisensory room in which the viewer can learn about the daily activity of a terminal, the exhibition includes a panel on the different port trades designed by Ortifus. Also, visitors can access the inside of a container to see the variety of goods that is channeled daily through them.

The environmental polices of Valenciaport, the ports of Sagunto and Gandia or the route taken by a shoe from its manufacture until it is sold thousands of kilometers from its place of production are other panels that can be seen in the sample located in the Clock building.