School closings leave many children without essential help

Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia last Friday delivered meal checks to different families of the Maritime, as an exceptional measure to partially alleviate their 31precarious situation, accentuated by the COVID-19 crisis.

Aportem collaborates on a regular basis with different schools that care for minors at risk of social exclusion. This collaboration is carried out through the delivery of school supplies, hygiene products, clothing or food for breakfast and snacks for the most needy children in the surroundings of the Port of Valencia. The closing of the schools has eliminated this especially important way of support for the children, since those breakfasts and snacks were a fundamental part of their daily diet.

Faced with this exceptional crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Aportem has contacted during the past week with different schools with which it collaborates to see how to lend a hand to those children and families who have been left without that daily help that it provides this association.

After analyzing the situation of children from different centers, Aportem has coordinated with the Ausiàs March School Directorate a system of direct basic help for those who have been left without any other type of support. As an urgent and totally exceptional solution, families of 25 children, who do not have dining room scholarships, were given 40 euros per child, in the form of Consum food vouchers. These vouchers are calculated so that they can acquire basic food for the next 10-15 days. A total of one thousand euros in food vouchers were distributed among the different families.

Aportem – Puerto Solidario Valencia, is made up of associations, institutions, companies and individuals linked to the Valencian port logistics sector. Its performance focuses above all on the environment of the Port of Valencia, with special attention to children at risk of social exclusion.