Aportem distributes anti-VID material, food and blankets to more than 300 families in the Port of València area

The delivery of material such as masks, hydroalcoholic gel or elements to combat cold in schools has been increased

Two new companies join the No Plàstic project

València, January 11th, 2021.-The traditional Christmas campaign of Aportem – Puerto Solidario València has been especially intense due to the circumstances derived from the COVID-19 pandemic. This Christmas, in addition to the delivery of food, blankets and clothing, they have also distributed material to combat COVID-19. This increase in the aid received by schools and institutions in the Maritime District of Valencia has been made possible thanks to a further expansion of the groups with which Aportem collaborates. This increase in aid received by schools and institutions in the Maritime District of Valencia has been made possible thanks to a further expansion of the groups with which Aportem collaborates. In this last section, 322 masks, 293 rolls of cleaning paper and 60 litres of hydro-alcoholic gel, among other materials, were delivered.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the need to give the classes with extra ventilation has caused a specific demand for help in combating the cold. In this respect, Aportem has delivered 280 blankets and 163 winter jackets, as well as 30 pairs of trainers and 10 heaters. As usual, both the shoes and clothing are new and, in the sizes, previously specified by the centres. All this is added to the campaign of delivery of toys that has been carried out as every year, although on this occasion without direct contact with the children.

New fronts of collaboration

In recent weeks, Aportem has made it possible for a total of ten schools and institutions to receive much of the support they had previously requested through their senior managers. Of these institutions, two are parishes with which the Association has begun to work on this campaign. Through their knowledge of the environment, these centres have provided data on the needs of their area and Aportem has been involved in helping to alleviate these shortcomings. Warm clothing and food parcels have been the most requested in these two cases.

Propeller Valencia and the companies

It should be noted that this campaign has been made possible thanks to the extraordinary contributions that various companies and associations of the Valencian port sector have made available to Aportem. Amongst these contributions, the 16,500 euros made by the association of logistics managers and entrepreneurs, Propeller Valencia, stands out.

New non-plastic companies

Aportem’s activity covers the different aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. Among them, in a very special way, is also the fight for the environment. The successful No plastic campaign which aims to eliminate the use of plastic in the Valencian port community and its surroundings falls within this line of action. Companies and institutions continue to join this initiative, promoted by the Valencia Port Centre for Employment, Ecoport, the Valencia Port Authority and Aportem – Valencia Port Solidarity. Specifically, the firms Navarro and Boronad and Velas Lluch have joined, bringing the number of members to a total of 24 companies, associations and institutions.

Aportem – Puerto Solidario Valencia, is made up of associations, institutions, companies and individuals linked to the Valencian port logistics sector. Its action is mainly focused on the area surrounding the Port of Valencia, with special attention to children at risk of social exclusion and the fight for the environment.