• This was emphasized by Ángel García, manager of the Logistics Cluster of Aragón (ALIA), who visited the Valencian port accompanied by a large delegation of Aragonese businessman
  • They also participated in a talk and subsequent informative debate between ALIA representatives and the Valencian port community.

València, May 25, 2023.- A large delegation of the Logistics Cluster of Aragon (ALIA) has visited the facilities of the Port of Valencia to see firsthand the terminals of the Valencian enclosure and its operation. During their tour of the docks, the delegation showed interest in the actions developed by the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) to promote rail traffic with Aragon.

The Clock Building of the Port of Valencia hosted the informative talk between representatives of the port community of Valencia and ALIA. During the same, the head of Business Intelligence of the Port Authority of Valencia (APV), Manuel Garcia, explained the services, connections and infrastructures that Valenciaport offers to the import/export companies of the Aragonese community and also those that are in the process of construction.

Subsequently, there was a round table on connectivity through the Mediterranean Corridor, València-Sagunto-Teruel-Zaragoza variant. The meeting was attended by Néstor Martinez, deputy general manager of APV; Cristina Rodríguez, head of Commercial and Customers of Valenciaport; Ángel Gil, manager of ALIA; Óscar Calvo, manager of JCV Shipping and representative of the Association of Freight Forwarding Companies of Aragón, ATEIA; Pedro Catalán, General Manager of CSP Logitren; and Francesco de Candia, director of Cargo of Grimaldi.

According to Ángel Gil, manager of ALIA, “from the Aragonese cluster we are aware of the strategic importance of the Port of Valencia for the logistics development of the community of Aragon. In this line we will try to bring together as much as we can of cargo and goods movement needs of Aragonese companies both in import and export and take advantage of the potential of intermodality offered by the Port of Valencia. “Intermodality must be internalized, it is the key to the transport of the future and Valenciaport offers us many options”, he added.

For his part, Óscar Calvo stressed that “the strength of the Port of Valencia is that it is a real alternative to the traditional departures from Zaragoza. They offer us a viable and regular option, essential characteristics for the service to consolidate”. In the same vein, Flavia Pelet, director of procurement of Bergner Europe, said that “the Aragonese companies have a great interest in the Port of Valencia is consolidated as an alternative and we are willing to work with Valenciaport for the service to meet the needs”.

The meeting highlighted one of the key actions to improve the connection between Valenciaport and the Aragon region: the investment of 441 million euros that is being made in the Zaragoza-Teruel-Sagunto line. The APV is supporting this initiative with the investment of 100 million euros to, among other measures, support the construction of seven sidings at stations located between the two autonomous regions.

The objective of this railway plan is to significantly improve the state of the current infrastructure to further enhance this section, especially for freight traffic, as it will allow the circulation of 750-meter trains, facilitating rail-port connections with the area’s logistics centers.

About ALIA

The Logistics Cluster of Aragon (ALIA) is a group of private companies with more than 120 members. It was created in 2010 as an initiative developed by a group of Aragonese companies and research centers to face the challenge of competitive improvement based on collaborative and innovation tools.