The new functionalities of ValenciaportPCS’s GESPOS will facilitate logistics and allow a better use of the inspection areas of the PCF

This new optimization was discussed and agreed upon at the last meeting of the Official Inspection Services-PCF Working Group of the Guarantee Mark

The new optimization of the digital platform ValenciaportPCS will improve logistics operations and the use of available space at the Port of Valencia’s Border Control Post (PCF). This technological advance in an area of activity with great demand will offer a competitive improvement to all the companies that carry out their activity in this center. One more step in the commitment to digitization and continuous improvement, a strategic axis of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), in order to facilitate the activity of the logistics and maritime community that performs its work in the Valencian enclosure.

These new functionalities of the ValenciaportPCS Positioning Manager (GESPOS) will increase the profitability of the spaces in the current PCF facilities. The upgrade provides real-time visibility of available space and offers a complete view of PCF capacity. Thus, when processing requests for container positioning appointments for cargo screening, the technology platform will display a calendar with available slots every day and in each of the inspection zones within the PCF (animal products, plant products, non-animal products, etc.).

The calendar will be shown both in the public area of ValenciaportPCS, as well as in the private area with registered user, being shown as “PCF València Availability”. In the public area only the calendar will be shown without allowing any action, however, as a registered user it will be allowed to click on an inspection area and after doing this an extended positioning request will be opened with the date filled in, the inspection place filled in and the selected organization. This optimization in ValenciaportPCS will facilitate the activity of the companies operating in the PCF and will allow to take more advantage of the capacity and will increase the efficiency for the users.

At the Border Control Post, the Border Inspection Services carry out the appropriate health, veterinary and quality inspections to ensure that products from third countries, both for human and non-human consumption, enter the Community market with the required guarantees.

ValenciaportPCS is one of the first technological platforms or Port Community Systems in the world. This tool is used by nearly 1,100 companies and public bodies operating in the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia. Every day it manages more than 300,000 messages exchanged.

Agreed in the Guarantee Mark

Precisely, this new optimization of the Positioning Manager (GESPOS) of ValenciaportPCS was discussed and agreed at the last meeting of the Working Group Official Inspection Services-PCF of the Guarantee Mark of the Port of Valencia, where another series of proposals were also addressed. Thus, it was reported on the declaration of Foreign Health Sampling for the import or introduction of products for human consumption or use, stressing the requirement that it is digitally signed by economic operators.

The regulations affecting the importation of plants on measures to prevent the introduction and spread of the Xylella fastidiosa bacterium within the European Union were recalled. In this regard, it was recommended to consult the official website of the European Commission to access updated information at all times, as well as the list of third countries that have correctly communicated their phytosanitary status.

Finally, the most frequent errors detected in the processing of Plant Health dossiers were explained. The aim is to prevent these incidents from occurring at source, and thus avoid, both for economic operators and inspection agencies, the subsequent additional steps involved in their resolution.

The Guarantee Mark of the Port of Valencia is a comprehensive quality system led by the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), a pioneering and innovative instrument at the service of the port community and of which the public and private agents involved in the activities carried out in the port areas are part. The Guarantee Mark, which has several Working Groups, acts as a forum for analysis and discussion of improvement measures for the optimization of the processes of the port area.