• The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has outlined its ongoing projects to accelerate the fight against climate change and promote energy transition, including its “winner combo”: a firm commitment to maritime-rail connectivity and freeways of the sea
  • At the Valenciaport stand at the Let Expo Trade Show (an event dedicated to logistics, transport and sustainable business services in Veronafire), Valenciaport’s range of services was presented
  • The president of the PAV, Mar Chao, participated in the round table ‘International transport: new strategies, new technologies and new horizons’ where she explained the decarbonization strategy of Valenciaport -which includes partners and customers- and which includes actions such as the deployment of solar panels, rail infrastructure, electrification or green fuels for last mile transport

València, 14 March 2024.- Valenciaport has presented at the Let Expo Trade Show in Verona (an event dedicated to logistics, transport and sustainable business services) its projects to accelerate decarbonization, promote energy transition and the fight against climate change. Among them, the “winner combo” that represents the connectivity of maritime transport together with rail transport has been highlighted, highlighting the imminent launching of the maritime-rail freeway of Valenciaport with Italy.

The president of the PAV, Mar Chao, has intervened in the table ‘International transport: new strategies, new technologies and new horizons’, a panel discussion on logistics and supply chain in Europe along with other professionals in the sector. In it, Chao has detailed the strategic projects being carried out by the PAV in terms of sustainable infrastructure such as investment in railroads, photovoltaic plant projects -such as the solar roof being built on the Grimaldi silo, which will produce 11% of the electricity consumed by the Port of València-, the ValenciaportPCS tool -a key part in the digital transformation-, electrification or the commitment to last mile transport that consumes green fuels.

In his speech, Mar Chao also stressed that Valenciaport’s commitment to the decarbonization of the activity also involves partners and customers and the entire port community and that is why it is working together. Together with Mar Chao, Pino Musolino, president of Medports and AdSP Mar Tirreno Centro-Settentrionale; Lluís París, head of APB’s Automotive division; Nicolas Albrecht, general manager of Cargobeamer; Erik Springer, operations manager of LKW WALTER; and Jacek Tarkowski, general manager of the Trans.eu Group, also took part in the panel.

Own stand at Veronafire

At Valenciaport’s own stand at the Verona fair (B5) located in Hall 3 of the site (Veronafiere), Chao has maintained an intense agenda with representatives of operators and platforms, among other sector agents, to present Valenciaport’s range of services focused on facilitating import/export with Spain. LetExpo -Logistics Eco Transport Trade Show- is the fair dedicated to logistics, transport and sustainable business services held in the Italian city of Verona from March 12 to 15. It is organized by ALIS in collaboration with Veronafiere and aims to promote a culture that accompanies the industry in the transition to a more sustainable mobility and economy. It has more than 60,000 square meters of exhibitor space, 80,000 visitors and 310 exhibitors.