• About a hundred experts in Artificial Intelligence -participants in the congress organised by the Big Data Value Association- wanted to learn first-hand about the applications of this technology in port management
  • The visit was attended by Miguel Llop from the Valenciaport Foundation, while Joan Meseguer – also from the Foundation – explained the procedures for obtaining data and applications of Big Data in port management

València, 31 October 2023.- Valenciaport arouses the interest of European experts in Big Data. About a hundred participants of the European Big Data Value Forum wanted to know first-hand the Port of Valencia and how it works. In particular, they asked about the applications carried out by the Port Authority of València (PAV) in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and how this technology intervenes in port management processes.

Joan Meseguer from the Valenciaport Foundation shared with this group of experts – who are part of the European community of research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on data – the tools and processes that use Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the three ports of Valenciaport. With “Data and AI in the port of Valencia”, Meseguer described in detail the tools, technologies, software and processes used in the Valencian port management.

During the presentation, attendees showed interest in the Artificial Intelligence software applied to land traffic management used by the PAV to predict the number of trucks that will pass through its docks, which terminal they will access and whether they will load or unload the vehicle. The Artificial Intelligence system combines Valenciaport’s data – both land and seaside – with key information to know the behaviour of the ship on its arrival at the port. After finishing the presentation and answering all the questions, Miguel Llop from the Valenciaport Foundation, gave them a tour of the facilities of the Valencian enclosure. The Big Data experts were impressed with the magnitude of the site and the port operations.