Valenciaport already touches 5.5 million containers in interannual traffic

In the last twelve months, Valenciaport container traffic has grown 9.01%.

Total interannual traffic reaches 81 million tons, with an increase of 8.03%.

In the accumulated between January and August, the containers advanced 8.86%.

Liquid bulks maintain the upward trend with a rise of 57.73% until August due to the recovery of natural gas traffic.

Cruises grow by 18.91% exceeding 273,000 passengers in this period.

The United States maintains its growing trend and advances 25.45% until August.

Valencia, September 24th, 2019.- Valenciaport already borders the figure of 5.5 million containers. In interannual terms, in the last twelve months, it has channeled a total of 5,483,985 TEU, a figure that represents an increase of 9.01%. If current growth rates are maintained, the site would close the 2019 financial year exceeding this figure. Full containers grow at a rate of 7.58% driven by exports (+ 5.84%); imports (+ 8.82%) and transit (+ 7.89%).

This traffic has contributed to the evolution of this traffic during August, the month in which Valenciaport moved 471,476 TEU, 6.59% more than in 2018. In the eighth month of the year, full containers rose 5.43 % driven by good data on exports (+ 4.20%) and transit (+ 11.80%). On the other hand, empty containers increased by 10.18% last month.

Regarding total traffic, in year-on-year terms, Valenciaport has exceeded the figure of 80 million tons. Specifically, during the last twelve months, it has handled a total of 80,943,045 tons, which represents an increase of 8.03%. In August, total traffic has experienced an increase of 15.40% in this month compared to August 2017. Specifically, last month, the ports of Valenciaport channeled 7,088,329 tons, almost 950,000 tons more than in August 2018.

January-August data

Valenciaport has closed the month of August with a growth of 8.86% in container traffic. Specifically, in the accumulated until the eighth month of the year, 3,703,107 TEUs have been handled. Full containers are up 7.07% in this period, to exceed 2.81 million tons due to good export records (+ 6.37%), imports (+ 7.17%) and transit (+ 7.32%). On the other hand, empty containers increased by 14.90%.

Regarding total traffic, during the first eight months of the year, the three ports managed by the Port Authority of Valencia (Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia) have channeled a total of 55,392,377 tons, representing an increase of 9.03 % over the previous year. The general goods foreign trade maintains its upward trend and grows 3.81% to exceed 17.1 million containers. Of these, exports, with 10.31 million tons, are up 4.08%, with data from countries such as Italy (+ 0.81%), the United States (+ 16.72%) and Saudi Arabia standing out (+ 9.36%). Imports, meanwhile, grow 3.39% to 6.8 million tons driven by good records from countries such as China (+ 10.65%), Italy (+ 0.45%) and Saudi Arabia ( + 9.36%). The total transit has closed the month of August with an advance of 9.65% and a total of 25.38 million tons.

Data by goods January – August 2019

The Conventional general cargo has closed the month of August with an accumulated traffic of 10,030,113 tons, which means a 5.08% growth over the same period of the previous year. This heading includes goods such as steel products, with 1.57 million tons and a decrease of 11.20%; cars and their parts, with 1.17 million tons and a 1.63% decline; and other food products, with 746,000 tons and an advance of 14.10%. Regarding car traffic, in the accumulated between January and August the ports of Valencia and Sagunto have channeled 486,825 units, 11.36% less. On the contrary, ro-ro traffic experiences a significant rise, with 8.77 million tons (+ 9.70%).

The containerised general cargo, on the other hand, has grown 9.26% at the end of August, with a total traffic of 41,691,388 tons. This progress is based, mainly, on the evolution of goods such as elaborated construction materials, with 3.76 million tons (+ 4.54%); rest of goods, with 1.62 million tons (+ 1.82%); chemical products, with 1.43 million tons (+ 3.64%); and machinery, tools and spare parts, with 1.04 million tons (+ 19.07%).

Liquid bulks consolidate the upward trend that began in July and grow 57.73% until August. In total, 2,043,137 tonnes have been handled until the eighth month of the year. The main responsible for this change in trend is natural gas which, until August, grows 696.36%, with a total of 981,000 tons. Likewise, it is important to highlight the evolution of chemical products, with 250,000 tons and an increase of 12.38%. On the contrary, diesel oil fell by 3.81% to 216,000 tons.

As for solid bulks, they continue to be the only heading that remains in negative figures. In total, at the end of August, 15.04% decreased to 1,405,484 tons. By goods, the cereals and their flours stand out that, with 611,000 tons, go back 31.38%; while natural and artificial fertilizers grow 25.99% to 401,000 tons.

Passenger traffic

In the accumulated until August, the ports of Valencia and Gandia have received a total of 746,556 passengers, which is 9.46% more than the previous year. Specifically, 473,264 people have used some of the 1,232 ferries that have arrived at the Valencian ports, which represents a growth of 4.66%. Meanwhile, 273,292 people have arrived in Valencia aboard one of the 122 tourist port call cruise received during this period. This figure represents an 18.91% increase in cruise traffic.

Traffic by countries and geographical areas

The five countries with the highest volume of goods have channeled through Valenciaport until August have been: Spain, with 6.89 million tons (+ 2.46%); United States, with 5.40 million tons (+ 25.45%); Italy, with 4.49 million tons (+ 9.77%); China, with 4.28 million tons (-1.48%); and Turkey, with 3.91 million tons (+ 47.68%). By geographical areas, the Mediterranean and Black Sea area stand out, with 15.84 million tons (+ 11.66%); and that of the Far East, with 6.48 million tons (-1.02%).