• The construction of this new installation will enable the increased demand for electrical energy in the port to be met
  • It will provide electricity supply to the ships moored at the site and will reduce emissions and noise pollution
  • This is the first substation of its kind in the Port of València, which will interconnect the power supply network of the installations with the 132 kV high-voltage distribution network

València, 5 March 2023.- The Council of Ministers, at its meeting today and at the proposal of the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility, has authorised the tender for the construction works of a new electrical substation in the Port of València for an estimated value of 14,491,681.40 euros.

Thus, with this contract, the first substation of these characteristics will be implemented in the Port of Valencia, making it possible to interconnect the power supply network of the Port Authority’s facilities with the high-voltage distribution network and, specifically, with the 132 kV voltage level.

This 132/20kv substation will guarantee optimum conditions for the supply of electrical energy to the Port of València in order to be able to meet new consumption requirements, derived from the plans to provide electrical supply to ships moored in port, which will reduce atmospheric emissions and noise pollution in the port.

The substation will enable the growing demand for electrical energy to be met in an adequate manner and in conjunction with the generation of electrical energy through renewable energies (currently solar photovoltaic). Thanks to this, it will be possible to guarantee the needs of the new energy requirements and to continue advancing on the roadmap of the Port Authority of València towards its major objective of zero emissions in 2030.

This new electricity substation is supported by the European Commission through the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility).