FORELAND 4.0 is a new tool that the Port Authority of Valencia offers to provide information on the goods traffic[1] at the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía.

The information is provided in three different reports according to the type of cargo transported: containerised, vehicles and a final comprehensive goods report based on the mode of presentation. In turn, each report presents the information on two different screens, the first on a monthly basis and the second accumulates annual data.

  • Traffic according to MODE of PRESENTATION: provides ample information on the mode of presentation, traffic and/or port by geographic area, country or port of origin or destination, as well as on the nature and usage of the goods transported. Data expressed in tonnes.
  • CONTAINERISED CARGO traffic: this second report provides details of the TEUs moved by geographic area, country or port, alongside the nature or usage of the goods transported. In addition to the TEU, some of the variables offer the number of containers.
  • VEHICLE traffic: provides details of vehicle traffic and ITUs by geographic area, country and port of origin or destination, for each of the ports of Valenciaport and the traffic in which it participates.

[1] In tonnes without including the equipment tare.