Valenciaport is a key player in the modernisation and growth of the economy in the Valencia region and Spain in general. Proof of this can be seen in the levels of employment and production associated either directly, indirectly or related to the port activities of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía:

Employment: Valenciaport provides direct, indirect or related jobs to 19,800 persons.

Production: Valenciaport plays a direct, indirect or related role in the generation of over 1.74 billion euros in production.

The economic impact of port activities can be divided into three types:

  • Direct economic effects, linked to sectors directly related to port activities: freight forwarders, shipping companies, stevedoring companies, mooring companies, pilotage companies, tugboats companies, customs services and customs agents and the Harbourmaster’s Office.
  • Indirect economic effects, resulting from the impact of ports on the industrial activities sector.
  • Related economic effects, derived from the capacity for consumption and investment in companies and economic agents related to port activities.

The following table shows the economic impact of Valenciaport in major economic areas:

Direct Indirect Related TOTAL
Gross Salaries
(x €000)
507.763 113.616 61.545 682.924
Gross Surplus
(x €000)
501.080 159.802 81.333 742.215
Tax Income
(x €000)
23.381 9.065 4.515 36.961
GVA apb
(x €000)
631.121 171.949 91.010 894.080
Total production
(x €000)
1.260.241 290.613 189.441 1.740.296
Jobs 11.020 1.950 6.830 19.800

These numbers show that for every 10 jobs directly related to port activities, another 8 jobs are created throughout the production and commercialisation chain.

These data reinforce the relevance of Valenciaport in the economic growth of Valencia and Spain.​​​​