The general deputy director of the Valencia Port Authority (APV), Manuel Guerra, has been named honorary member of the Association for Collaboration between Ports and Cities (RETE). The Governing Board of this institution, which recently elected the president of the Bay of Cádiz Port Authority, Teófila Martínez, as president, has approved this title for Manuel Guerra in recognition of his commitment to RETE.

Manuel Guerra has been vice president of the Association for the last three years. In addition, he will become part of the advisory committee of the Governing Board together with the former presidents of the entity, Emilio Brogueira, Rinio Bruttomesso and José Luis Estrada, the former director of Portus, Joan Alemany, the president of the scientific committee, Massimo Clemente and the Director of Portus Plus, Carola Hein.

RETE, which was born in 2001 as a complement to other port forums with the aim of promoting collaboration between ports and cities with a scientific and professional approach, has had the active presence of the Valencia Port Authority since its inception. RETE has partners from Spain, Portugal and Italy and is dedicated to analysing and interpreting the dynamics and phenomena that are manifested in their relationships, exploring their horizons and drawing visions and strategies that contribute to building their future. Since its inception, it has maintained an outstanding training effort through seminars and congresses, as well as periodical publications in which experiences are shared in the integration of port areas and metropolitan areas.