Companies in the community of Valenciaport comply with the environmental commitments of ECOPORT II

Companies that work with the Port Authority of Valencia continue to reduce emissions and energy consumption.

València, April 3rd, 2019.- The Ecoport II project, promoted by the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) to improve the environmental stage of the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia, has made a balance of the environmental objectives achieved during 2018. These objectives have been voluntarily formulated by the companies participating in Ecoport II and are additional to the Environmental Management System of each of them, which has resulted in a qualitative and quantitative improvement of the environment in the ports managed by the PAV. 

Specifically, the companies that make up the Environmental Committee of Ecoport II formulated a total of eight environmental objectives that could be selected by each of the companies. Among these objectives are:

  • Increase in the percentage of recovered waste. This objective was selected by 5 companies (21% of the total), with a compliance level of 100%. In total, it is estimated that there has been an increase of 34% of recovered waste.
  • Decrease water consumption by 1%. This objective was selected by 6 companies (25% of the total of those that make up the Environmental Committee). 67% of them managed to reduce their water consumption, with an approximate total decrease of 1.9%.
  • Training and awareness of at least 500 hours / person. This objective was selected by 11 companies that, in total, in 2018 gave approximately 3,700 hours / worker.
  • Reduce fuel consumption by 1%. This objective has been selected by 10 companies, achieving savings well above the target, estimated at 5.6%.
  • Decrease the electricity consumption by 1%. This objective was selected by 13 companies, of which 9 obtained a decrease in their electricity consumption, with a total of approximately 4%.
  • Use of alternative energy sources. The objective was not selected by 1 company.
  • Calculation of the Carbon Footprint. This objective was selected by 9 companies and 7 of them achieved the objective of calculating their carbon footprint
  • Ecoport III participation. This objective was selected by 19 companies and 18 of them have achieved it.

Currently, the Environmental Committee of the Ecoport II group is composed of 24 companies: Aljibes Bosca, Tiers of the Port of Valencia, Port Authority of Valencia, Balearia Eurolineas Maritimas, Fertiberia, Productos Asfálticos, SA (CEPSA), Galp Energy Spain, Intersagunto Terminales, Tugboat Boluda, Noatum Terminal Sagunto, Noatum Container Terminal Valencia, Saggas, Infraportva, Tepsa, Urbamar-Levante, APM Terminals Valencia, Porlesa, MSC Terminal Valencia, Trasmediterránea, Transports Remedios Torres, Seroil Valencia, Valencia Terminal Europe, Vareser96 and Velas Lluch.