The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has been present at the 20th Annual Conference of the Spanish Association for the Promotion of Short Sea Shipping (SCP Spain) which was held last week in Madrid. The PAV’s Head of Business Intelligence, Manuel García, participated in this event organised by this Association, which aims to facilitate the development of competitive multimodal transport chains with the relevant participation of the maritime mode.

Valenciaport is working to promote short sea shipping and to expand regular services with the main Mediterranean regions such as Italy and North Africa.

The event began with welcoming speeches by the director general of the Merchant Navy, Benito Núñez; the president of Puertos del Estado, Álvaro Rodríguez Dapena; and the president of SPC Spain, Elena Seco. Subsequently, the Secretary General for Transport and Mobility, Mª José Rallo, explained how short sea shipping has been promoted by the Administration over the last two decades.

During the event, the work of two great professionals and associates was recognised: Antonio Vargas (Grimaldi Logística España) and Santiago Colom Monfort (Transportes Monfort).