Valenciaport exceeds 4 million containers at the end of October

From January to October, container traffic grew by 1.73%.

Foreign trade increased by 7.57% in this period. Exports advanced 7.46% while imports registered an increase of 7.75%.

Total traffic increased by 3.25% and exceeded 61.4 million tonnes.

The ports of Sagunto and Valencia have handled 654,686 automobiles, a 2.12% more.

Passenger traffic advances 17.95% until the month of October, with more than 900,000 passengers.


Valencia, October the 20th 2017. – Valenciaport closed the month of October with 4,043,251 TEU (unit of measure equivalent to a container of twenty feet, up 1.73% compared to the same period of the previous year and consolidates the growth path of the site. This increase is based on the good performance of full containers, both import and export, and transit. In this way, foreign trade of full containers has registered an increase of 6.07%. Specifically, exports advanced 6.61%, with 46,651 TEU more than in the same period of 2016; while imports registered an increase of 5.34%, with 27,978 TEU more. The transit of containers also maintains the positive trend with an increase of 5.16% and a total of 2,214,153 TEU. On the other hand, empty import and export containers evolve negatively, decreasing by 17.9%.

Regarding total traffic, in the accumulated until October, the three ports managed by the Port Authority of Valencia (Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia) have handled 61,458,805 tonnes, 3.25% more than during the previous year. Foreign trade of general cargo has registered an increase of 7.57% up to a total of 19.320.764 tonnes. In particular, exports grew by 7.46% to 12,276,386 tonnes due to good records from countries such as Italy (+ 6.43%), the United States (+ 17.42%) and Morocco (+4.95%). Imports, on the other hand, are up to 7.75% to 7,044,378 tonnes driven by the results of countries such as China (+ 12.81%), France (+ 17.61%), United States (+ 10.51%) and Turkey (+ 30.25%). The global transit, at the end of October, amounts to 5.25%.

Taking into account the data of the statistical bulletin of the Port Authority of Valencia, the containerized general cargo grows 4.39% to a total traffic of 47,017,338 tonnes. This growth is mainly due to the results of goods such as construction materials which, with 4.72 million tonnes, increase by 6.35%; rest of goods that, with 1.83 million tonnes, rise 2.81%; chemicals that, with 1.58 million tonnes, advance by 3.70%; and wines, drink, alcohols and derivatives that, with 1.03 million tonnes, register an increase of 11.24%.

Likewise, conventional general cargo is maintained in positive records, with a growth of 6.92% and a total traffic of 9657.609 tonnes. In this epigraph stand out the goods like the steel products, with a total of 1,92 million tonnes and an increase of 26,17%; automobiles and pieces, with 1.30 million tonnes and an advance of 2.02%; and other food products, with 602,000 tonnes and a growth of 13.89%. With regard to automobile traffic by units, the ports of Valencia and Sagunto have channeled 654,686 vehicles in the accumulated between January and October, 2.12% more than last year. In this same line, the ro-ro traffic is maintained in positive records with traffic of 7,686,922 tonnes and an increase of 2.22%.

On the contrary, the statistical bulletin of the PAV notes that liquid and solid bulk, experience setbacks in traffic until the month of October. Specifically, liquid bulk decreased by 9.46% to a total of 2,670,115 tonnes. This decrease is due to the evolution of traffic such as natural gas which, with 1.23 million tonnes, decreases 27.87%; and diesel that, with 326,000 tonnes, decreases 15.25%.

Solid bulk decreased by 11.61% to 1,857,113 tonnes. This section highlights the movement of goods such as cereals and flours, with a traffic of 862,000 tonnes and an increase of 20.77%; natural and artificial fertilizers, with a traffic of 472,000 tonnes and an increase of 22.43%; and cement and clinker, with a traffic of 208,000 tonnes and a setback of 52.83%.

Passenger traffic 

The statistical bulletin of the PAV of October notes that, until the tenth month of the year, the ports of Valencia and Gandia were the origin / destination of 905,085 passengers, 17.95% more than during the same period of 2016. In fact, the regular line services were used by 553,700 people, representing an increase of 30.76%. On the other hand, 351,385 passengers arrived in Valencia aboard one of the 172 tourist cruise calls received until the month of October, up 2.17%.

Traffic by countries and geographical areas 

The five countries shipping the largest volume of goods channeled through Valenciaport until October were: Spain, with 7.27 million tonnes and an increase of 0.85%; China, with 5.91 million tonnes and an increase of 3.33%; United States, with a traffic of 4.25 million tonnes and an advance of 17.99%; Italy, with 3.89 million tonnes and a decrease of 4.09%; and Algeria, with 3.38 million tonnes and a decrease of 29.28%. By geographical areas, the Mediterranean and Black Sea areas stand out with traffic of 15.41 million tonnes and a decrease of 5.12%; and the one of the Far East, with 8.83 million tonnes and an increase of 6.78%.