The 1st ValenciaportPCS Shippers’ Conference was held with the aim of listening to import/export companies in order to improve the digital services offered by the technological platform.

ValenciaportPCS has shown itself to be an effective and efficient tool that saves costs and time for all companies linked to the port community

València, March 22th, 2023.- Valenciaport adds new actors to its commitment to the digitalisation of the logistics value chain: the companies responsible for the generation of cargo. This incorporation completes the commitment acquired in Madrid by the president, Aurelio Martínez, and by the director of the PAV, Francesc Sánchez, last November, during the presentation of Valenciaport in the Chamber of Commerce.

As a result of that presentation, the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) has held the 1st ValenciaportPCS Shippers Conference with the aim of actively listening to import/export companies in order to improve the digital services offered to this sector that operates in the València, Sagunto and Gandia port areas through the PCS platform.

Throughout the day, which was attended by Alexandre Sánchez, head of PCS Systems at the PAV, and Nuria Lacaci, general secretary of the Spanish Shippers’ Association, several practical group workshops were held to work, among all the parties involved, to expose problems and answers to discover and discuss the needs that shippers have daily. The aim was to jointly define possible solutions within the PCS to make their daily operations more efficient.

Alexandre Sánchez, head of PCS Systems at the PAV, highlighted the importance of involving shippers “in our digital platform, a tool that enables cost and time savings for all companies linked to the port community”. What we intend with this conference,” continued Sánchez, “is to bring shippers closer to the ValenciaportPCS tool so that they can get to know its functionalities such as the traceability, cargo booking and transport modules. These functions will allow them to improve their day-to-day operations by making goods and containers pass through the port more quickly and efficiently and position their products more competitively in international markets”.

The APV has been working for months with the Spanish Shippers’ Association to integrate this group into its technological platform. This conference is part of this process to adapt the needs of all the actors that form part of this port community.

In this regard, the head of PCS Systems emphasised that “this is the first time that we have held this workshop with import/export companies with the aim of listening to them, finding out their needs, knowing what they require and providing them with what they need to continue strengthening and improving the digital transformation to favour the work of the companies that operate in our ports”.

The cargo companies thus join ValenciaportPCS, one of the first technological platforms or Port Community Systems in the world. This tool is used by nearly 1,100 companies and public bodies operating in the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandia. Every day it manages more than 300,000 messages exchanged.