The exhibition in the Clock Building, which will close on 12 October, can be visited free of charge between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Health safety protocols do not prevent more than 2,000 people from visiting the Clock Building to see the exhibition

The same number of visits registered on the website to see the exhibition “on-line” and download the catalogue sent by citizens to reflect the situations experienced during the pandemic

The PAV has highlighted the work of professionals and society during the pandemic with initiatives such as #AlPieDelCañon, “Unforgettable Images” or the webinar “Report in times of Covid-19

València, October 5th, 2020.- More than 4,000 people have visited the exhibition “Unforgettable Images” which will be on display in the Clock Building of the Port of Valencia until 12 October from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., a tribute exhibition organised by Valenciaport in collaboration with À Punt Mèdia, and made possible by the 1,900 photographs sent in by Valencian society which show their view of the situations experienced during Covid-19. The protocols and health safety regulations have not been an obstacle for more than 2,000 people to travel to the Clock Building in the Port of Valencia to see the exhibition. The same number of visits have been made to the Valenciaport website to see the photographs and the on-line catalogue of images sent in by the public.

“Unforgettable Images”, a photographic exhibition made by the citizens where they collect experiences and feelings with which all of us can feel represented during the health emergency situation generated by the coronavirus. Each of these photographs and videos, gathered thanks to public participation, tells a personal experience in which we all recognise ourselves. An exhibition that evokes the emotions, thoughts and uncertainties that we have shared in the face of the unusual situations caused by the pandemic and confirms what is really essential as individuals and as a society.

This exhibition is an exercise in collective memory through images that were unthinkable just a few months ago and that we cannot and must not forget. An exhibition that is having a great impact on national and international media, with spaces on the TVE news or on European television, Euronews, and a very outstanding response on social networks that has generated a lot of interrelationship between Valencian society.

The exhibition in the Clock Building is made up of 200 physical images, several screens where the 1,900 photographs are shown and a room where the testimonies of people and professionals collected by the cameras of À Punt can be seen, as well as visiting the Valenciaport website where the photographs can also be viewed and downloaded. Furthermore, at the entrance of the exhibition there is a mural that is being filled in by people visiting the Clock Building where they express their solidarity and wishes to overcome this pandemic.

Two exhibitions at the same time

The Port Authority of Valencia is making a commitment to reinforce the relationship between the port community and the citizens and to bring the day to day life of the port closer to the city. Thus, this is the first time that Valenciaport has simultaneously held two exhibitions of its own, “Unforgettable Images” in the Clock Building of the Port of Valencia and the exhibition “The Port of Forges” in the Municipal House of Culture of Sagunto.

The situation generated by the Covid-19 crisis has marked an extraordinary time for people and institutions in their daily lives. The Port Authority of Valencia (PAV) has sought to highlight the work of the port community and citizens during this period with various initiatives to recognise the role they have played during this pandemic. Thus the campaign #AlPieDelCañon was launched to highlight the solidarity and the work of the logistics chain by the professionals of the different sectors and the port community.

As a result of this initiative, the PAV called on the Valencian society to send in photographs of their daily life during the Covid-19 and this was reflected in the homage exhibition “Unforgettable Images”. Furthermore, the work of the media was also highlighted with the digital meeting “Informing in times of Covid-19” which brought together international, national, regional and specialised communication professionals.