Valenciaport is adapting its facilities for container and cruise traffics. That is why, in the near future, the area of the north extension will be modified and destined for the fourth container terminal of the Port of Valencia, the North Terminal.

The date for the start of the construction works is the beginning of January 2024, so that until that date, the CRUISEROS UNO and CRUCEROS DOS quays can be used for cruise ship operations.

In the area of the old shipyards of Valencia, another facility will be built to serve our ferry and cruise passengers, which will be located at the entrance to the port and will be more comfortable for our cruise passengers. At the moment, studies are being carried out to organise pedestrian and vehicle access and the whole area is being remodelled to make it compatible for regular ferry traffic.

At the same time, over the next few months, the adaptation of the docks will begin, so that the latest generation of cruise ships can dock safely and comfortably in the new facilities.

Current Cruise Ship Docks

The port has two areas for cruise ships operations and service.

The docks adjacent to the TRASMED passenger terminal for vessels of less than 300m in length and the docks located in the northern extension of the port for vessels of more than 300m in length, which have all the necessary services for passenger services and offer all the security that the new normality imposes due to the COVID – 19 pandemic.

The TRASMED terminal is located at the north entrance of the port, the closest to the city and in a free access area. The quays of the northern extension are only accessible when cruise ships are in port.

Due to the pandemic, until further notice, the Port of Valencia is giving preferential berthing at the CRUCEROS UNO and CRUCEROS DOS quays, allowing all operations to be carried out in the open air with maximum safety for passengers, crew and people working in the operations.

Safe facilities in the new Normality

The Port Authority of Valencia and the passenger service provider, VTE, in compliance with existing COVID protocols and ensuring the safety of passengers, crew and port staff, have opted to carry out cruise operations in the open air at CRUCEROS UNO and CRUCEROS DOS docks in the north extension.

To this end, new facilities have been fitted out to maintain the social distance, providing a comfortable and fast service both for transit calls and for embarkation and disembarkation operations.

Future cruise facilities

The new public passenger terminal of the Port of Valencia will be located on a total surface area of approximately 100,000 m2 located between the Muelle Poniente and the Muelle Perfecto Palacio, in the area previously occupied by the Unión Naval de Valencia shipyard.

The new terminal will guarantee the independent operation of cruise passengers and regular line passengers (ferries) and will have all the services required for a fast, comfortable, efficient and intelligent service for ships and passengers.

Commitment to the environment

The project for the new passenger terminal is committed to all aspects of the environment and will be cutting-edge and absolutely exemplary, complying with the sustainability requirements that our sector is facing in terms of reducing emissions in port.

The facility will be committed to significant noise reduction, as all berthing lines will be technically equipped to provide electrical connections to berthed vessels.

In addition, the new terminal will recycle 100% of the waste it generates in a biomethane plant that will be built specifically for this purpose; and it will treat the waste from the ships and the building itself to obtain biogas.

The interior design of the station will ensure the independent operation of cruise ships and liner passengers.