This is reflected in the January data of the PAV’s Statistical Bulletin, which shows that 326,798 tonnes of natural gas have been moved through the docks of Sagunto compared to 129,963 tonnes in 2021

According to last year’s figures, Algeria accounted for 35.5% of the total natural gas traffic with Sagunto, followed by the United States with 25.3%. Russia contributed 3.5% of this product

Regarding Valenciaport’s total traffic, 6.96 million tonnes were handled in January this year, 2% more than in the same month in 2021, while TEUs reached 465,171, a similar figure to last year

Import/export activity maintains Valenciaport’s dynamism. In the first month of the year, export containers grew by 7.03% and import containers by 9.14% compared to 2021

In year-on-year terms, almost 85 million tonnes and 5,604,741 TEUs have been handled, with growth of 4.73% and 2.92%, respectively

China continues to be the main trading partner for full containers with 52,564 units. For its part, the United States is the country that mobilises the most goods with 687,680 tonnes

València, February 24th, 2022.- The international gas crisis has reinforced the role of the Port of Sagunto as a strategic reserve site for natural gas in the Western Mediterranean. In January of this year, Valenciaport’s docks handled 326,798 tonnes of this energy source compared to 129,963 tonnes in January 2021, 150% more. The uncertainty generated by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the closure of one of the gas pipelines coming from Algeria and the international situation have positioned the docks with regasification plants such as Sagunto as a gateway for this energy source.

In fact, the year has begun in the same vein as the last quarter of 2021, when natural gas traffic at the Sagunto site soared. Thus, according to Valenciaport data, in 2021 the Saguntino precinct handled 2,089,433 tonnes of natural gas. Algeria was the country that moved the most with 35.5% of the total traffic of this product, followed by the United States with 25.3%, Nigeria with 9%, Qatar with 4.5%, China with 3.6%, Japan with 3.5% and Russia with 3.5%.

January cumulative data 

The beginning of the year is also marked by the export and import activity of Spanish companies, which maintains the dynamism of Valenciaport. Thus, according to the Statistical Bulletin of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), the Port of Valencia has mobilised 81,836 full containers of cargo (export) which is 7.03% more than in January 2021, while full unloadings (import) have amounted to 71,487, with an increase of 9.14%. In contrast, TEUs (standard 20-foot containers) in transit fell by nearly 6% in the first month of the year, while empty TEUs rose by 1.6%. Overall, the number of containers in January amounted to 465,171 units, slightly higher than in the same month of 2021. In terms of freight traffic, a total of 6,961,471 tonnes were handled, representing a growth of 2.06%.

It should also be noted that in January this year 43,323 cars have been mobilised, 1.42% more and ro-ro traffic has reached 950,920 tonnes, 5.59% above the same month of 2021. A dynamism that has been transferred to the transport that has arrived or departed by rail, which has increased by 21.65%. In terms of passengers, the year began with more than 50,000 movements, both on regular lines and cruises, compared to 20,000 in the previous year.

Year-on-year figures 

In year-on-year terms (Feb 21-Jan 22), total goods handled amounted to 84,981,866 tonnes, 4.73% more than in the same period of the previous year. The number of TEUs reached 5,604,741, an increase of 2.92%. In this section, the number of full TEUs for export was 1,086,776, an increase of 13.03%, while those for import increased by 18.46%. On the other hand, those in transit decreased by 4.23% in the case of full container loads, and fell by 15.8% in the case of empty ones, following the trend of this month of January.

Regarding the traffic of goods by sectors, vehicles and transport elements with 912,242 tonnes continues to be the industry which mobilises most goods through Valenciaport with an increase of 6.29% at the beginning of the year compared to January 2021. This was followed by the agri-food industry, which moved a total of 703,866 tonnes with an increase of 8.47%, followed by construction materials with 642,574 tonnes and an increase of 6.27%. In this section, it is worth highlighting energy products, with 381,604 tonnes of goods moved, of which 85.6% corresponds to natural gas. Specifically, 326,796 tonnes of this hydrocarbon mixture were moved through the Port of Sagunto in the first month of this year, 151% more than the previous year.

Dynamism of the United States

China reaffirmed its position as Valenciaport’s main partner in the first month of the year, despite a slight decline. Trade with the Asian giant amounted to 598,661 tonnes (-2.2%) and 52,564 containers (-3.82%). On the other hand, the United States has experienced dynamism with 687,680 tonnes handled (+16.73%) and 42,766 TEUs (+1.1%). The biggest increases in freight traffic were in Nigeria (+120.5%), the Netherlands (+95.6%), the United Kingdom (+80.5%) and Brazil (58.5%).

By geographical areas, the main market is the Mediterranean-Black Sea with 1,913,047 tonnes of goods handled and a decrease of 5.2%, followed by the Far East with 850,651 tonnes (+4%). In this section, the activity of regions such as USA South Atlantic and Gulf (+56.4%, Atlantic Europe (+56.3%) and South America Atlantic (+55.5%) should be highlighted.