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Valenciaport comprises the ports managed by the Valencia Port Authority: Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía.

This strong combination makes it Spain’s leading Mediterranean port in terms of commercial traffic, basically containerised cargo, particularly because of its dynamic area of influence and an extensive network connecting it to major ports around the world.

Valenciaport is a tightly knit Port Community due to innovative elements like the Seal of Quality Guarantee and the Community Information System (S.I.C.) and is formed by all economic agents who provide their services through the ports of Valencia, Sagunto and Gandía.

Valenciaport is not only a key element in promoting the Valencian Community abroad but also the maritime gateway for production and consumer goods to and from the entire Iberian peninsula.

Its leadership is based on the following:

-          Privileged location

-          Attractive area of influence and innovation

-          A network of regular, transoceanic and regional connections with major ports around the world

-          Port and intermodal infrastructures enabling efficient port activities and goods transport at competitive rates and fees

-          Guaranteed service quality


Port of Valencia

Port of Sagunto

Port of Gandía

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